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Certified Emergency Room Nurse

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Q:1-What is the accurate procedure for performing a confrontational peripheral vision test?
Mark one answer:

Both examiner and patient cover the same eye and stare at each other while an object is brought into the line of sight.
Examiner and patient cover opposite eyes and stare at each other while an object is brought into the line of sight.
The patient is asked to discriminate numbers from a chart composed of colored dots.
The room is darkened and the patient is asked to identify colored blocks and shapes when they appear in the visual field.

Q:2-Which of the following would the nurse do when performing an otoscopic exam on a patient?
Mark one answer:

Pull the pinna up and back.
Pull the earlobe down and back.
Use the smallest speculum available.
Tilt the patients head forward and down.

Q:3-Your patient is scheduled to go for cataract surgery. What nursing diagnosis should you include in the patients plan of care?
Mark one answer:

Self care deficit
Imbalanced nutrition
Disturbed sensory perception

Q:4-What clinical manifestations would you see if your patient had cataracts?
Mark one answer:

Eye pain
Floating spots
Blurred vision

Q:5-What type of eye drops would be ordered for the patient who is being prepared for cataract surgery?
Mark one answer:

Osmotic diuretic
Miotic agent
Mydriatic medication
Thiazide diuretic

Q:6-Which of the following would be associated with detached retina?
Mark one answer:

Pain in the affected eye
Total loss of vision
Feeling like a curtain had fallen over their eyes
Yellow discoloration of the scleroses

Q:7-What intervention would you need to take if your patient had a contusion of the eyeball following a traumatic injury?
Mark one answer:

Notify the physician.
Irrigate the eye with cool water.
Apply ice to the affected eye.
Accompany the patient to the emergency room.

Q:8-What nursing action would the nurse take when caring for a patient with enucleation with bright red drainage?
Mark one answer:

Notify the physician.
Continue to monitor the drainage.
Document the finding.
Mark the drainage on the dressing.

Q:9-You are completing a hearing screening on a patient. You note that the sound lateralizes to the patient’s left ear during a Weber test. What does this finding indicate?
Mark one answer:

A normal finding
Conductive hearing loss in the right ear
Sensorineural or conductive loss
Presence of nystagmus

Q:10-When caring for a hearing impaired patient what approach will facilitate communication?
Mark one answer:

Speak frequently.
Speak loudly.
Speak directly into the impaired ear.
Speak in a normal tone.

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