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In this test you have to answer cen practice test questions. To get pass cen nursing exam you must answers correct. So Enjoy these cen practice test to get enough knowledge for certified emergency nurse certification attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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CEN Certified Emergency Nurse Review Course

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Q:1-The most appropriate action by the nurse who is preparing to communicate with an older patient who has hearing loss is:
Mark one answer:

Stand in front of the patient.
Exaggerate lip movements.
Obtain a sign language interpreter.
Pantomime and write the patient notes.

Q:2-Which of the following assessments would make the nurse suspect that a child has strabismus?
Mark one answer:

Tilts head to see
Turns head to see
Does not respond when spoken to
Has difficulty hearing

Q:3-You are caring for a child with chlamydial conjunctivitis. What would you want to investigate if you had a patient with this diagnosis?
Mark one answer:

Presence of an allergy
Possible trauma
Possible sexual abuse
Presence of a respiratory infection

Q:4-You are caring for a child who is going to have a tonsillectomy. Which of the following laboratory results would you want to check preoperatively?
Mark one answer:

Prothrombin time
Sedimentation rate
Blood urea nitrogen

Q:5-You are caring for a child who will have a tonsillectomy. Which of the following would increase the child’s risk of aspiration during surgery?
Mark one answer:

Difficulty swallowing
Loose teeth
Exudate in the throat

Q:6-You are caring for the child who has had a tonsillectomy. The physician has written postoperative orders. Which of the following orders would the nurse question?
Mark one answer:

Clear, cool liquids when awake
No milk or milk products
Monitor for bleeding
Suction every 2 hours

Q:7-You are monitoring a child who had a tonsillectomy. On assessment, which findings would indicate to you that the child might be bleeding?
Mark one answer:

Decreased pulse
Elevation in blood pressure
Complaints of discomfort
Frequent swallowing

Q:8-After a tonsillectomy, your patient begins to vomit. What intervention should be your priority?
Mark one answer:

Administer an antiemetic
Turn the patient to the side
Notify the physician
Maintain the patient's "nothing by mouth" status

Q:9-When caring for a patient with glaucoma, which of the following symptoms would you not expect to see on the patient's chart?
Mark one answer:

Severe eye pain
Frequent pink-eye infections
Blurred vision
Nausea and vomiting

Q:10-Which of the following orders would the physician prescribe for the patient with retinal detachment?
Mark one answer:

Bathroom privileges
Head of bed up 45 degrees
Eye patch to affected eye
Dark glasses to read or watch television

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