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Free cen exam questions to pass cen questions. For cen test you must go through real exam. For that we provide certified emergency nurse study guide 2018 real test. We discuss in these cen test prep from different topics like cen practice exam, best cen review book 2018.

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In this test you have to answer cen prep book. To get pass certified emergency nurse review you must answers correct. So Enjoy these certified emergency nurse exam to get enough knowledge for practice cen questions attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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CEN Certification Study Guide

cen prep cen practice tests

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Q:1-You are administering a Snellen chart test to a patient. What results would you expect to get if your patient was legally blind?
Mark one answer:

20/20 vision
20/40 vision
20/60 vision
20/200 vision

Q:2-What is the normal intraocular pressure of the eye?
Mark one answer:

2 to 7 mm Hg
10 to 21 mm Hg
22 to 30 mm Hg
31 to 35 mm Hg

Q:3-Your patient has been diagnosed with a hyphema following hitting their head on the steering wheel during a car accident. What position would you want to place this patient in?
Mark one answer:

Semi- fowlers

Q:4-Your patient has arrived in the emergency department with a penetrating eye injury. You are assessing the patient. What should your first action be?
Mark one answer:

Remove any objects from the eye.
Place a patch over the eye.
Perform a visual acuity test.
Use sterile saline to irrigate the eye.

Q:5-Your patient has arrived in the emergency department with a chemical eye injury. Your first action should be to:
Mark one answer:

Perform a visual acuity test
Use sterile saline to irrigate the eye
Place antibiotic ointment in the eye
Place a patch over the eye

Q:6-You are caring for a patient who has come into the emergency department with a foreign body in his right ear. After further investigation you determine that the foreign object is an insect. What intervention would the physician order first for this client?
Mark one answer:

Sterile normal saline irrigation
Diluted alcohol irrigation
Antibiotic ear drops
Corticosteroids ointment

Q:7-When caring for a patient what sign would indicate that he might have a basal skull fracture?
Mark one answer:

The auditory canal has purulent drainage.
The auditory canal has bloody or clear drainage.
Periorbital edema

Q:8-You are caring for a patient who complains of tinnitus. What part of the ear do you suspect is the most likely cause of the patient’s complaint?
Mark one answer:

External ear
Middle ear
Inner ear

Q:9-You are caring for a patient who has had a right eye cataract removal. What discharge instruction would you want to include in the plan of care?
Mark one answer:

Do not sleep on right side.
Do not sleep on left side.
Do not sleep with head elevated.
Do wear glasses until physician says it is okay.

Q:10-You have delegated the care of an older patient with hearing loss to a nursing assistant. You tell the nursing assistant that patients with this diagnosis:
Mark one answer:

Are often distracted.
Respond better to low pitched sounds.
Have middle ear changes.
Develop moist cerumen production.

cen exam practice questions