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CeMAP 2 Practice Questions

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Q:1-William has sold his property by private treaty. This means that:
Mark one answer:

the property was not sold at auction
the property was not advertised in the press
a solicitor was not used for the conveyancing
the buyer did not require a mortgage

Q:2-What are the arrangements for paying any Stamp Duty Land Tax due on completion of a house sale?
Mark one answer:

The vendor's solicitor is responsible for payment and will then invoice his client for the amount paid
The buyer's solicitor is responsible for payment and will include the amount in his bill
The buyer will receive a bill from HMRC after the sale has completed
The vendor will pay the amount due direct to his solicitor

Q:3-Which of the following is correct in relation to the role of estate agents?
Mark one answer:

They must always accompany prospective purchasers during the viewing of a property
There are no restrictions on giving advice to both the buyer and the seller
Their charges are usually on a flat fee basis or a percentage of the purchase price
They act as agents to both the buyer and the seller

Q:4-New government proposals have been put forward to help speed up the house buying process, including the introduction of a seller's pack. Which additional information will this pack need to contain in relation to leasehold properties?
Mark one answer:

Building regulations and planning consent approvals
Title documentation
A draft contract
Details of the building insurance policy

Q:5-On inspection of Tony's proposed new property, the surveyor found evidence of several small but long standing cracks in some of the interior walls. They do not appear to have worsened over the years. What is the surveyor likely to recommend in view of the problem?
Mark one answer:

A retention
That the lender declines the mortgage
That the lender should arrange a structural engineer's opinion
It is unlikely to affect the lender's decision

Q:6-Which of the following is correct in relation to estate agents?
Mark one answer:

They are not permitted to charge the vendor a fee if no sale is made
Where a multiple agency exists, the fee is shared equally between several estate agents
Fees are usually higher when an estate agent has the sole agency
Fees are usually lower when an estate agent has the sole agency

Q:7-In the property buying process, what step may the vendor take if the purchaser withdraws after exchange of contracts?
Mark one answer:

Insist that the purchaser’s deposit be immediately paid as compensation
Insist that the purchase proceeds on the terms agreed
Sue the purchaser for breach of contract
Sue the purchaser's solicitor for professional negligence

Q:8-Denise is buying a property from Karen, and Denise's lender is about to release the advance cheque. To whom will the cheque be released?
Mark one answer:

Karen's solicitor
Denise's solicitor

Q:9-Ray and Barbara are selling their house and wish to take the garden shed and gazebo to their new property. Which of the following statements is correct?
Mark one answer:

The items can be removed but only if this was stated in the sales particulars
The items can be removed if the intention to do so was specifically included in the sale contract
The items can be removed without giving any reason or stated intention
The items form part of the land being sold and cannot be removed

Q:10-A property is being advertised by an estate agent who wishes to include a reference to gas central heating, although it is unclear who installed it or what condition it is in. What specific action should the estate agent take under the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991?
Mark one answer:

Include a qualifying statement about it in the particulars
Issue the vendor with a certified copy of the advertisement
Obtain a written disclaimer from the vendor
Remove all reference to it in the marketing

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