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CeMAP Question Bank

cemap 1 question bank cemap multiple choice questions

Q:1-When a lease on a property expires:
Mark one answer:

The leaseholder is left with the reversionary interest
The property must be sold
A new lease must be arranged immediately.
The land and property revert to the freeholder.

Q:2-Which of the following is true in relation to leasehold properties?
Mark one answer:

There are usually no restrictions on alterations or enlargements to the property.
Lenders will only grant mortgages for 30 years or less
Annual ground rent is always payable to the leaseholder.
Anyone can create a lease on their property for any length of time

Q:3-In relation to registered land, 'possessory title' means that:
Mark one answer:

The title is defective.
Absolute title cannot be established
Although the lease is good, it is not possible to confirm freehold title.
The land must be freehold.

Q:4-Which of the following pieces of information about a property would be found in the Proprietorship Register held at HM Land Registry?
Mark one answer:

A plan of the property
Any easements affecting the property.
The class of title
The title number of the land.

Q:5-Steve and Gemma are unmarried and have purchased their house as joint tenants with the help of a mortgage from Downtown Building Society. In which of the following circumstances would Steve’s share of the property automatically pass to Gemma?
Mark one answer:

If Steve were declared bankrupt
If Steve were to default on his share of the payment
On Steve's death
On their marriage

Q:6-Which of the following statements is correct in respect of a leasehold property?
Mark one answer:

Its value is likely to increase substantially as the expiry date of the lease approaches.
Any ground rent is paid by the freeholder to the leaseholder
The leaseholder is automatically entitled to purchase the freehold interest.
A lender would always insist that the term of the lease extends beyond the agreed redemption date of any mortgage granted.

Q:7-Steven and Mary own a flat situated in a purpose built block comprising 12 identical properties. They are keen to purchase the freehold interest, but, for this to be possible, leasehold reform legislation requires that:
Mark one answer:

The entire block must be only for residential use
The lease must have at least 21 years to run
All other qualifying leaseholders in the block must be party to the transaction.
The lease must have originally been granted for a term exceeding 21 years.

Q:8-In relation to registered land, 'qualified title' means that:
Mark one answer:

The land is leasehold
Some or all of the deeds are lost.
Clear title is established
There is some defect in the title.

Q:9-Which of the following is true of a legal mortgage?
Mark one answer:

Borrowers who fail to make a payment on time lose their right to redeem a mortgage.
Borrowers are not entitled to any surplus funds if the lender sells the property.
It is usually affected, nowadays, as a mortgage by demise.
It is defined as using a property as security for money borrowed.

Q:10-Joint tenancy means that:
Mark one answer:

Each owner has an identifiable share of the property and, should one owner die, their share passes to the next of kin.
A property is owned jointly and should one of the owners die, the remaining owner automatically takes sole possession.
Ownership of the property is equally divided.
Any mortgage is held in joint names but the property can be owned by anyone.

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