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CeMAP 1 Online Test

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Q:1-Which of the following is true regarding lending to housing associations?
Mark one answer:

Usually there is only one lender involved in large housing developments such as inner city regeneration schemes.
Security is usually taken by the lender over the land being developed
Any partnership for a housing development must include the local authority.
A lender will grant a mortgage provided that the housing has been designed for individuals wishing to purchase a home.

Q:2-Which one of the following, in relation to bankruptcy, is correct?
Mark one answer:

The forced sale of a mortgaged property is often delayed in situations where only one of the partners is bankrupt.
Bankruptcy always means the loss of any family home if it is a mortgaged property.
An individual who has been an undischarged bankrupt for over one year is not legally obliged to declare this to a mortgage lender.
The previous credit history of a discharged bankrupt must not prejudice a mortgage lender's decision to grant a mortgage.

Q:3-Which of the following is NOT a requirement for a loan to be defined as a lifetime mortgage under FSA rules?
Mark one answer:

no interest payments are required during the life of the mortgage.
the loan is repayable on the borrower's death
the mortgage is only available to borrowers over a certain age
the mortgage must be on a fixed rate

Q:4-Under the new FSA regulations, the definition of a regulated mortgage specifically EXCLUDES:
Mark one answer:

debt consolidation
home improvement lending
second charges
bridging loans

Q:5-Which of the following does not fall under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000?
Mark one answer:

Interest only mortgages backed by investment policies
Lifetime mortgages
Loans where any part of the property is for commercial use
Secured loans not secured on a first charge

Q:6-From what date were mortgage advisers obliged to conform to the Mortgage Conduct of Business Rules?
Mark one answer:

1 July 2004
1 August 2004
30 September 2004
31 October 2004

Q:7-Under the principles of agency, where an agent acts outside his remit, will his client be held responsible for these actions?
Mark one answer:

Not under any circumstances.
Only if he is deemed to be within his apparent authority.
Only if endorsed by the Court of Protection.
Yes in all cases.

Q:8-Advice was given on a repayment mortgage on 15 July 2004 and the mortgage commenced on 10 August 2004. How is the administration of the mortgage treated under the Mortgage Conduct of Business Rules?
Mark one answer:

It is fully regulated
It is deemed semi-regulated
The transitional regulations apply
The regulations do not apply at all

Q:9-The Mortgage Conduct of Business Rules include a separate tailored regime for advising and selling on what specific type of mortgage?
Mark one answer:

Foreign currency.
Corporate pensions.

Q:10-Under the principle of agency, what is meant by ratification?
Mark one answer:

Agreement by an individual to act on behalf of another
The appointment by an individual of an agent to act on his behalf
The appointment by an individual of a principal to on his behalf
Where an agent has acted outside his authority but the principal subsequently agrees with the action taken

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