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Sample CAPM Exam Questions And Answers

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Q:1-This is based on a real scenario at a Japanese investment bank. You have discovered a major complex case of international fraud at the company in the course of executing a project. You have reported it to your manager and were not satisfied by his lack of response. What should your NEXT action be?
Mark one answer:

Call your lawyer, even though he’s kind of a jerk.
Tell your boss' boss. If he doesn’t listen, tell your boss’ boss’ boss.
By telling your boss, you did your duty.
Resign from your position.
Report it to the authorities.

Q:2-Project X at The Ray Company has a new Project Manager. Company management, eager to get their project back on track, hired this new manager 1 month into a 6 week project. The project is flailing. Which best describes why the project may not make its delivery date based on what we know?
Mark one answer:

High level planning wasn’t done adequately.
The new project manager became involved too late in the process.
The project doesn’t have management’s support.

Q:3-Which best signals the completion of a project from the client’s point of view?
Mark one answer:

When project documents are indexed and archived
When resources are released
When the project receives formal sign-off
When lessons learned are documented
When project funds are completely expended

Q:4-Creating a healthy work environment requires skills in:
Mark one answer:

Research techniques and documenting information
Judgment calls and appropriate professional competencies
Ethical standards and stakeholder values
Resolving conflicts and effective communication

Q:5-Completing re-work is an accepted quality control process.
Mark one answer:


Q:6-What is true of corrective action?
Mark one answer:

Action against a corrupt employee
Requires approval of all stakeholders
Action to bring project performance in line with what has been planned

Q:7-Terry is managing a project at a top construction firm. Her project team includes Tammy and Sal. She’s also in constant contact with Burt (her client), Ben (her Direct Manager) and Peter (PMO Officer). Who are the stakeholders in this project?
Mark one answer:

Terry, Burt
Terry, Burt, Tammy, Sal
Burt, Peter
Terry, Tammy, Sal, Burt, Ben, Peter
erry, Tammy

Q:8-Change requests status updates, project management plan updates, and project document updates are all outputs of which Monitoring and Controlling process?
Mark one answer:

Monitor and Control Risks
Perform Quality Control
Monitor and Control Project Work
Perform Integrated Change Control

Q:9-The outputs of a determined budget include:
Mark one answer:

Activity cost estimate, scope baseline, and project document updates
Cost performance baseline, document update, and basis of estimates
Basis of estimates, resources, and project funding requirements
Cost performance baseline, project funding requirements, and project document updates

Q:10-A project statement of work (SOW) contains a:
Mark one answer:

Project budget, charter, and strategic plan
Project scope description, budget, and strategic plan
Business plan, product scope description, and strategic plan
Business case, charter, and product scope description

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