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Q:1-At project close project managers should communicate lessons learned through:
Mark one answer:

Final project status to all stakeholders and post mortem team discussions
Team discussions, 360-degree surveys, and supplier performance evaluations
Industry best practice evaluations, appraisal of project scope, and definitions and performance metrics
Stakeholder comments and team analysis

Q:2-Which of the following is not recommended as it tends to take the focus off of meeting the client’s intended requirements?
Mark one answer:

Just in time
Prevention over inspection
Continuous improvement

Q:3-Which set of standards does a project manager typically have the least control over?
Mark one answer:


Q:4-A company makes 1,000,000 parts. If fewer than ___ were defective, it would be six sigma quality.
Mark one answer:


Q:5-What is mutual exclusivity?
Mark one answer:

If one event occurs, the other cannot
A rule of dating
A measure of variation
A conclusion from a control chart
A conclusion from a scatter diagram

Q:6-In Project X, Stan the Project Manager has just recently received the Statement of Work he was anxiously awaiting from Bob. Which best describes Bob’s role in the project?
Mark one answer:

Team Member
Functional Manager

Q:7-The tendency to generalize performance based on a single indicator is best described as:
Mark one answer:

A facilitating approach
The halo effect
A consensus
Consultative style

Q:8-According to the Project Manager’s Book of Knowledge, legitimate power is always the best way to get someone to do something.
Mark one answer:


Q:9-Patrick, a Project Manager at the Ponzi Financial Services firm, is staffed on a key strategic project and is privy to the firm’s client information. His manager Bernie has asked him to keep the information confidential. What would be considered an inappropriate use of Patrick’s access to information according to the Code?
Mark one answer:

Discussing the project during lunch out with a fellow project manager from his consulting firm
Discussing client information as it pertains to his project with other project stakeholders
Giving a private project status to the stakeholders who request it
All of the above

Q:10-Calvin Butterball is working as a Project Manager at the Half-Baked Ham Company. One day, he realizes that his last status report to the project’s stakeholders contains a serious mistake. According to the Code of Professional Conduct, what concept best represents the situation at hand, and what should Calvin do?
Mark one answer:

Mistakes happen: Unless the mistake is going to cause an explosion, Calvin should pretend he didn’t notice it
Put the project’s needs before your own: Calvin should avoid bringing up the mistake because he doesn’t want any delays in the project as a result of his error
Do what’s right: Calvin should explain away the error as best he can
Tell the truth at all times: Calvin should disclose the error to his stakeholders right away
Violation of the law: Calvin must report the incident to the authorities

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