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CAPM Exam Preparation

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Q:1-Paralingual communication pertains to the way that the pitch and tone of a voice convey meaning.
Mark one answer:


Q:2-A project statement of work (SOW) contains a:
Mark one answer:

Project budget, charter, and strategic plan
Project scope description, budget, and strategic plan
Business plan, product scope description, and strategic plan
Business case, charter, and product scope description

Q:3-What is the BEST way to notify the team about an approved change request?
Mark one answer:

Send an e-mail out to all team members
Walk around to communicate with each team member
Post on an internal website
Send an e-mail out to everyone in the division
Consult with change control process

Q:4-Caroline is managing a project at The Forrester Company. In the project charter she helped draft, it’s noted that Systems A and B are assumed to be the only systems impacted; however, it comes to light several weeks later that System C is also impacted. Which statement is correct about this particular situation?
Mark one answer:

The constraints in the project charter will need to be adjusted by the Sponsor.
The assumptions in the statement of work will need to be adjusted by the Project Manager
The constraints and assumptions will need to be revisited by the Initiating Process Group and the overall project plan adjusted.
This project is a wash. Start from scratch.

Q:5-A work authorization system is always required by PMI standards.
Mark one answer:


Q:6-The primary source of information for the planning, execution, monitoring, and controlling and closing of a project is the:
Mark one answer:

Project charter
Work breakdown structure
Project management plan
Project scope

Q:7-Sherri Bobbins is formulating her scope management plan for his project. To develop a well-rounded plan she’ll use all of the following, except:
Mark one answer:

Product analysis
Stakeholder analysis
Scope definition

Q:8-The WBS is created by the project manager alone.
Mark one answer:


Q:9-What are the four options for dealing with a risk?
Mark one answer:

Accept, mitigate, transfer and avoid
Accept, insure, transfer and avoid
Accept, mitigate, reduce and avoid
Situation, task, action, result
It’s a trick question - there are only three and they are transfer, mitigate and avoid.

Q:10-By applying effective risk management techniques, what percentage of risks can be curtailed?
Mark one answer:


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