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California dmv Test Questions California dmv Written Test Practice presenting to all its users California dmv Drivers Test 2018. These 50 questions are essential for your multiple-choice written test exam. 50 Questions in this mock test will prepare you to get pass driving test. This mock test with 50 questions designed specifically for California dmv Sample Test.

Questions you find here are taken from last month DMV California Practice Tests. For more understanding we divided the tests in 10 set of questions in each and make questions to appear randomly. If you make any mistake results page will give you a chance to go back button and make answers correct. These mock tests are free for your practice. No Registration at all. Share this test with your friends on Facebook.

California DMV Permit California DMV Practice Written Test

Take this California DMV Permit Practice Test similar to that real exam.

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Q:1-What should you do if another driver tailgates your vehicle?
Mark one answer:

You must pull over to the side and allow the driver to pass
You should raise your speed to discourage the tailgater
You must not allow the tailgater to pass you
You must encourage the tailgater

Q:2-A yield sign indicates that a driver must slow down when approaching an intersection and _________ if a vehicle or pedestrian with the right-of-way is approaching from another direction.
Mark one answer:

be prepared to come to a complete stop
be prepared to increase the speed
be prepared to make a U-turn
be prepared to make a turn

Q:3-What does this arrow mark sign indicate?
Go only straight
Mark one answer:

Look straight while driving
Stop sign ahead
Go only straight
One-way street ahead

Q:4-Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding the use of headlights?
Mark one answer:

High-beams are used when traveling behind other vehicles
Low-beams are used in city driving and driving in traffic on roadways
High-beams are used for open country driving when there is no traffic in sight
Low-beams are used when traveling in fog, rain or snow

Q:5-Before backing up your vehicle, you should look to the front, sides and rear, and continue to look _________ while backing.
Mark one answer:

into the side mirrors
to the rear
to the sides
to the front

Q:6-If you are approaching a stop sign, you must:
Mark one answer:

stop at the broken yellow stop line
stop at the broken white limit line
stop at the solid white limit line
stop at the edge of the road

Q:7-What does this sign mean?
A disabled parking spot
Mark one answer:

Wheelchair availability
A crosswalk for pedestrians
A disabled parking spot
A hospital ahead

Q:8-Before reaching the crest of a hill or entering a curve, you must _________ and watch for oncoming vehicles.
Mark one answer:

slow down, move to the right side of the road
speed up, turn on the headlights
speed up, change gears
slow down, move to the left side of the road

Q:9-_________ are the most likely places for car and motorcycle collisions to occur.
Mark one answer:

One-way roads

Q:10-A single solid white line across a road at an intersection means that a motorist must _________ for a traffic signal or sign.
Mark one answer:

cross the line
stop behind the line
slow down after crossing the line
stop after the line

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