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California DMV Written Test Online Free

New 2018 California DMV Written Practice Test! Here are MCQ's multiple choice questions and answers of sets 10 questions each. Both road signs and road awareness included, would be a great help for your DMV Written Test and California Driver’s License Exam. Designed specifically for the California DMV, our test questions are collected from previous exams and approved dmv mannual and this test is designed for you! To help you remember the concepts.

Each question which requires more guidance are provided with pictures – You can find hint button for more help for every question. But keep remember no hints available in real DMV California CA real exam. In you mock practice dmv tests if you select wrong answer it will be highlighted red in results page with GO BACK button to go previous test page and make it correct. !

California Drivers License Written Test

Take this California Written Test Sample Questions to check if you ready for real exam.

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Q:1-The maximum speed limit for vehicles towing trailers is __________ on a two-lane undivided highway.
Mark one answer:

55 mph
60 mph
65 mph
70 mph

Q:2-When you want to enter a freeway, you should:
Mark one answer:

stop before merging into freeway traffic
enter the freeway with a minimum speed
stop and yield to the traffic in the freeway
enter the freeway at or near the speed of the freeway traffic

Q:3-A __________ sign on a truck means that the load on the truck is potentially dangerous.
Mark one answer:

red inverted triangle
white rectangle-shaped

Q:4-You must use your headlights __________ after sunset.
Mark one answer:

20 minutes
15 minutes
30 minutes

Q:5-A child under the age of 8 years __________, when all the rear seats are already occupied by children under the age of 7 years.
Mark one answer:

should be kept at home
may ride in the front seat of a vehicle
may ride in the front seat without a seat belt
may be kept on the lap of the elder child, with a seat belt fastened to both

Q:6-This sign warns the driver that it is a:
winding road sign
Mark one answer:

Two-way road
Slippery road
Winding road
Downhill road

Q:7-Left turns at a red light can only be made from a:
Mark one answer:

two way street onto a one-way street
one-way street onto a one-way street
one-way street onto a two-way street
two way street onto a two-way street

Q:8-What is the use of the special "turnout" areas marked on a two lane road?
Mark one answer:

To allow drivers to stop and talk on their cell phones
To allow vehicles to make a left turn
To allow vehicles to make a U-turn
To allow vehicles behind the driver to pass

Q:9-Locked wheel skids are usually caused by:
Mark one answer:

ignition turned to the lock position while the vehicle is still in motion
pressing the gas and brake pedals at the same time
leaking motor oil
braking too hard at a high speed

Q:10-When two vehicles meet on a steep mountain road where neither can pass, which vehicle has the right-of-way?
Mark one answer:

The vehicle which comes first
The vehicle traveling uphill
The vehicle traveling downhill
Both vehicles

Written test dmv california questions 2018 sample papers with free online mock test.