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California DMV Practice Test Online Free

Take this FREE dmv permit test questions 2018 ca to check how set you up are for the DVM exam! This california behind the wheel driving test the structure of the genuine DMV test in everything: you should answer 39 out of 46 inquiries accurately to pass, and there are different decision questions with 4 answers each. While the genuine test has a period breaking point of california drivers license test questions, we chose not to utilize it here, since the fundamental objective of this test is to offer you some assistance with getting acquainted with the exam position.
You must do some practice exam mock tests here to be able to pass california driving test dmv.

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dmv test questions and answers for California

2018. Latest changes by DMV and more mock tests added. Its time now to go for your driving test with full preparation and practice and get passed in first attempt. Thousands questions with many mock tests which looks same as by test center. All questions and information with tips is completely free, not even registration required. These questions taken from old/previous exams by DMV California and tell you exactly how many questions are on the permit test in California for 2018. Our website users submit test questions as feedback and with basic tips about questions that you can miss after their real test attempts.

California Drivers License Practice Test

Take this ca dmv written test practice california dmv written test practice.

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Q:1-To avoid tailgating, one should follow the:
Mark one answer:

two-second rule
three-second rule
six-second rule
four-second rule

Q:2-What does this sign mean?
airport road sign
Mark one answer:

Airplanes fly in this direction
Airplanes fly at low heights in this zone
You are approaching an airport
All of the above

Q:3-If you are having vehicle trouble and need to stop, first step you should do is:
Mark one answer:

Check your driver's manual for help
stop your vehicle over a hill or just around a curve for visibility
Lift the hood to signal an emergency
pull off the road and away from traffic

Q:4-While driving in the fog you should use your
Mark one answer:

high-beam lights
parking lights
emergency flashing lights
low-beam lights

Q:5-If your vehicle starts to hydroplane, you should:
Mark one answer:

apply the brakes
press down on your accelerating pedal
slow down gradually
change the steering

Q:6-A traffic signal with a flashing yellow arrow means:
Mark one answer:

proceed with caution but, turns are not permitted in the direction of the arrow
stop and be prepared to obey the next signal
proceed as directed by the arrow with an increased speed
proceed with caution

Q:7-The first step a driver should do during an enforcement stop is:
Mark one answer:

turn on the right turn signal
turn on the left turn signal
stop on the left shoulder of the freeway
stop on the center median of a freeway

Q:8-Disabled persons who display their placard can park at a __________ painted curb.
Mark one answer:


Q:9-Before passing another vehicle:
Mark one answer:

pass on the left if the driver is signalling a left turn
drive off the paved or main-travelled portion of the road
look ahead for road conditions and traffic
all of the above

Q:10-In a roundabout, a driver must drive in:
Mark one answer:

a counter-clockwise direction
a clockwise direction
the direction of the oncoming vehicles
any direction

california dmv written test questions 2018 sample papers with free online mock test.