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Free 11 plus maths test papers to pass 11 plus maths questions. For maths 11 plus free papers you must go through real exam. For that we provide 11 plus maths practice papers 2018 real test. We discuss in these 11 maths sample paper from different topics like 11 plus maths papers, 11 plus practice papers free online 2018.

11 plus maths sample questions

In this test you have to answer 11 plus maths word problems worksheets. To get pass 11 plus practice papers 2018 you must answers correct. So Enjoy these 11 plus maths test papers pdf to get enough knowledge for 11 plus maths questions free attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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11 Plus Maths Sample

11 plus maths test papers pdf 11 plus exam papers maths

Q:1-The diagram shows the plan of Ridzuan's living room. What is the area of the living room?
11+ maths test practice
Mark one answer:

A:- 45 m²
B:- 50 m²
C:- 55 m²
D:- 65 m²
E:- 75 m²

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Q:2-What is the sum of the factors of 21?
Mark one answer:

A:- 21
B:- 7
C:- 42
D:- 32
E:- 11

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Q:3-Chris weighs 74.2 kg, Carrie weighs 67.8 kg and Colleen weighs 69.4 kg. What is the range of their weights?
Mark one answer:

A:- 6.4 kg
B:- 6.6 kg
C:- 6.8 kg
D:- 7.2 kg
E:- 7.4 kg

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Q:4-Shane has 15 cards. 3 of Shane’s cards are aces. Liz takes a card at random from Shane. What is the probability that Liz takes an ace?
Mark one answer:

A:- 3/5
B:- 1/3
C:- 1/5
D:- 1/4
E:- 3/8

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Q:5-This spinner is made of 6 equilateral triangles. What is the size of the shaded angle shown?
11+ maths test practice
Mark one answer:

A:- 240°
B:- 250°
C:- 260°
D:- 270°
E:- 280°

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Q:6-Sandra is building a model boat. She uses 54 pieces of wood which weigh 20 g each. What is the total weight, in kilograms, of the wood used in the model boat?
Mark one answer:

A:- 1.08 kg
B:- 1.10 kg
C:- 1.12 kg
D:- 1.14 kg
E:- 1.16 kg

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Q:7- A, B and C are three corners of a square. What are the coordinates of the 4th corner?
11+ maths test practice
Mark one answer:

A:- (–3, –2)
B:- (–3, –1)
C:- (–3, 2)
D:- (–3, 1)
E:- (3, –2)

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Q:8-Which of the following statements is true?
Mark one answer:

A:- Most prime numbers end in 5
B:- 2 is not a prime number.
C:- Prime numbers only have one factor.
D:- The sum of the first 3 prime numbers is 10.
E:- All prime numbers are odd.

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Q:9-Both of these cuboids are identical. Each of their square ends has an area of 4 cm² and they are both 15 cm long. What is the total volume of these two cuboids combined?
11+ maths test practice
Mark one answer:

A:- 240 cm³
B:- 480 cm³
C:- 120 cm³
D:- 60 cm³
E:- 30 cm³

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Q:10-Mary keeps some animals on her farm. She has 12 sheep, 16 cows, 24 chickens and 6 pigs. Mary sells 8 of her sheep. What percentage of her remaining animals are sheep?
Mark one answer:

A:- 8 %
B:- 10 %
C:- 12 %
D:- 14 %
E:- 16 %

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