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Free 11 plus maths practice papers online free to pass 11 plus maths practice questions. For 11 plus maths problems you must go through real exam. For that we provide 11 plus maths question paper 2018 real test. We discuss in these 11 plus maths questions and answers from different topics like 11 plus maths quiz, 11 plus maths revision test book 2018.

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In this test you have to answer 11 plus maths test online free. To get pass 11 plus maths test pdf 2018 you must answers correct. So Enjoy these 11 plus maths workbook to get enough knowledge for 11 plus practice papers free attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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11 Plus Practice Papers PDF

11 plus practice papers with answers

Q:1-A class of children were asked what their favourite sandwich filling is. The results are shown by this bar chart. 25% of children said they liked ham. What percentage chose tuna?
11+ maths test practice
Mark one answer:

A:- 50%
B:- 45%
C:- 40%
D:- 35%
E:- 30%

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Q:2-What fraction of this shape is shaded?
11+ maths test practice
Mark one answer:

A:- 2/3
B:- 3/5
C:- 7/12
D:- 3/4
E:- 1/2

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Q:3-Which of the following statements is correct?
Mark one answer:

A:- 5.2 × 10 < 52
B:- 52 > 5200
C:- 52 > 520 ÷ 100
D:- 520 < 52
E:- 52 × 10 < 52

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Q:4-A factory makes 4596 nails in a week. 2914 of the nails are sold. How many nails are left over?
Mark one answer:

A:- 1682
B:- 1864
C:- 1424
D:- 1224
E:- 1864

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Q:5-Ibrahim is trying to work out the volume of a swimming pool. What units should he measure the volume in?
Mark one answer:

A:- mm³
B:- m²
C:- cm²
D:- m³
E:- cm³

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Q:6-Sunita has 75 pens and she ties them into bundles of 8. How many pens does she have left over?
Mark one answer:

A:- 3
B:- 4
C:- 5
D:- 6
E:- 7

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Q:7-What is 21.7 × 9.4?
Mark one answer:

A:- 287.68
B:- 532.42
C:- 117.24
D:- 203.98
E:- 412.96

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Q:8-Which three numbers can go in the shaded box of the table?
11+ maths test practice
Mark one answer:

A:- 1,2,5
B:- 2,5,7
C:- 7,14,35
D:- 5,7,11
E:- 5,7,10

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Q:9-What is 3/5 of 60?
Mark one answer:

A:- 30
B:- 24
C:- 40
D:- 32
E:- 36

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Q:10-What number is the arrow pointing at?
11+ maths test practice
Mark one answer:

A:- 4.55
B:- 4.3
C:- 4.53
D:- 4.45
E:- 4.5

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