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Free 11 plus maths questions pdf to pass 11 plus maths revision. For 11 plus maths questions free you must go through real exam. For that we provide 11 plus maths test free 2018 real test. We discuss in these 11 plus maths worksheets pdf from different topics like 11 plus practice papers download, 11 plus practice papers online free 2018.

11 plus practice questions free

In this test you have to answer 11 plus sample maths questions. To get pass printable 11 plus maths papers 2018 you must answers correct. So Enjoy these 11 plus maths practice papers pdf to get enough knowledge for 11 plus maths preparation attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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11 Plus Maths Questions And Answers

11 plus maths practice questions 11 plus maths papers

Q:1-Which of the following is the most likely weight of a bag of flour?
Mark one answer:

A:- 2 g
B:- 2 litres
C:- 2000 kg
D:- 200 mm
E:- 2 kg

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Q:2-Look at the grid on the right. Molly starts at the star. She moves 2 squares south-west, 2 squares north and one square east. What shape will she arrive at?
11+ maths test practice
Mark one answer:

A:- rectangle
B:- arrow
C:- pentagon
D:- circle
E:- triangle

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Q:3-Look at the bus timetable on the right. Jemima lives on Hart Street. She wants to arrive at Maple Lane before 10:15. What time should she catch the bus from Hart Street?
11+ maths test practice
Mark one answer:

A:- 9:10
B:- 9:39
C:- 10:30
D:- 10:59
E:- 10:15

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Q:4-How many thirds are there in 9?
Mark one answer:

A:- 3
B:- 18
C:- 9
D:- 27
E:- 30

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Q:5-Look at the shape on the right. Which angle is obtuse?
11+ maths test practice
Mark one answer:


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Q:6-A class of Year 6 children were asked whether they liked tigers, giraffes or lions. The Venn diagram shows their answers. How many children said they liked both tigers and giraffes, but not lions?
11+ maths test practice
Mark one answer:

A:- 6
B:- 2
C:- 5
D:- 7
E:- 3

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Q:7-Which of these numbers is the smallest?
Mark one answer:

A:- 0.7
B:- 0.77
C:- 7.7
D:- 77.0
E:- 7.07

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Q:8-The length of each side of this shape is 4 cm. What is the perimeter of the shape?
11+ maths test practice
Mark one answer:

A:- 36 cm
B:- 24 cm
C:- 18 cm
D:- 14 cm
E:- 12 cm

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Q:9-Forty-seven thousand, nine hundred and eighty-three people went to a football match. What is this number rounded to the nearest thousand?
Mark one answer:

A:- 47 000
B:- 50 000
C:- 100 000
D:- 48 000
E:- 47 900

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Q:10-There are 25 CDs in a box. A shop orders 14 boxes. How many CDs did the shop order?
Mark one answer:

A:- 350
B:- 330
C:- 310
D:- 290
E:- 270

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