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mock theory test online 2017

On this page you will find practice theory test 2017 uk for is car theory practice test 2017. This driving theory practice test is completely free with no charge at all. You will be given 50 questions in your theory test road signs 2017. Our driving theory test online is similar with the the driving theory test practice 2017. You can also find dvla mock theory test 2017 often asked in previous exams. When you take a theory test changes 100 questions keep in mind once answers submitted there is no way back.

driving theory test revision book you must achieve 85% marks which are 43 from 50 questions. These questions are for mock driving theory test and answers uk but will also helpful free theory test mock test 2017. When you visits how to theory test online 50 questions you will see many multiple choice questions each with a set of 10 how many questions on uk driving theory test 2017.

Driving Theory Test Questions Free Online:

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Practice Theory Test 60

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Q:1-Can you overtake an operating snowplough?
Mark one answer:

Yes, but only if it is not currently snowing.
Yes, but only if the lane you intend to use for overtaking has already been cleared.

Q:2-What should you do if you are dazzled by the sun whilst you are driving?
Mark one answer:

A) Slow down or pull over if necessary.
B) Continue at the same speed.
C) Continue with your hazard lights on to warn others of your presence.
Both A) and C) are correct.

Q:3-What is the speed limit on motorways, unless signs state otherwise?
Mark one answer:

70 mph (112 km/h)
80 mph (129 km/h)
60 mph (96 km/h)
50 mph (80 km/h)

Q:4-You have parked on the side of a 50-mph (80-km/h) road. Do you need to use your parking lights here?
Mark one answer:

Yes, but only at night.
Yes, at any time.
No, you should leave your hazard warning lights on instead.

Q:5-When may you leave a stationary vehicle's engine running?
Mark one answer:

Only in traffic or when the vehicle is being diagnosed for faults
At any time
At any time unless the vehicle is unattended

Q:6-Which of the following are true about a level crossing with user-operated gates?
Mark one answer:

A) You do not need to close the gates after you cross.
B) You can use the railway telephone to check whether it is safe to cross.
C) You can cross if you have a green light.
B) and C) are correct.

Q:7-You are parking a manual car facing uphill next to a kerb. How should you park?
Mark one answer:

Leave your car in reverse and steer towards the kerb.
Leave your car in first gear and steer away from the kerb.
Leave your car in first gear and steer towards the kerb.
Leave your car in reverse and steer away from the kerb.

Q:8-There has been an accident, and you are first on the scene. What is the first thing you should do?
Mark one answer:

Assess and address any hazards present.
Perform first aid on those involved.
Remove those involved from their vehicles.
Call 999 or 112.

Q:9-When driving on icy roads, you should check your grip on the road surface occasionally. How might you do this?
Mark one answer:

Find somewhere quiet and apply your brakes hard.
Find somewhere safe and accelerate hard.
Find somewhere safe and brake gently.
Steer suddenly on a gentle corner.

Q:10-What should you do before you change lanes?
Mark one answer:

Check your mirrors.
Use your indicators.
Look over your shoulder to check if the next lane is clear.
Do all of the above.

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