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Driving Theory Revision 2018

On this page you will find basic theory test practice for UK driving test. This driving licence test questions and answers is completely free with no charge at all. You will be given 50 questions in your theory car test. Our driving test question and answers free is similar with the original driving test. You can also find basic theory test questions often asked in previous exams. When you take a mock theory test keep in mind once answers submitted there is no way back.

In car mock theory test you must achieve 85% marks which are 43 from 50 questions. These questions are for car theory test mock but will also helpful for motorcycle mock theory test. When you visits driving theory mock tests you will see many multiple choice questions each with a set of 10 theory test questions mock.

Driving Theory Test Questions Free Online:

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Practice Theory Test 47

uk theory test driving test question

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Q:1-What is the purpose of a SORN certificate?
Mark one answer:

A declaration that your car is off the road
Data kept by the police on certain motorists
A declaration that you don't have an MOT
Data held by all insurance companies

Q:2-The pavement on the left-hand side of the road is closed for maintenance. You need to:
Mark one answer:

Check the mirror on your right-hand side more frequently
Accelerate so you pass the roadworks faster
Stay as close to the pavement's edge as you can
Be alert, as there may be pedestrians walking on the road

Q:3-You are behind a lorry in traffic. Why should you stay a considerable distance behind this large vehicle?
Mark one answer:

It ensures that the lorry driver can see you at all times in his mirrors
It makes it easier for the lorry driver to come to a stop
It will reduce the effect that windy weather has on your vehicle
It will be easier and quicker to turn corners

Q:4-What does third-party insurance cover?
Mark one answer:

Damage and injury for all parties
Your medical costs
If you damage your car
Any damage you cause to other vehicles

Q:5-Icy roads, or surfaces with fresh snow, mean that it could take your car far longer to come to a halt than it normally does. In these conditions, stopping distances could be:
Mark one answer:

Triple what they normally are
Five times what they normally are
Ten times what they normally are
Twice what they normally are

Q:6-You are overtaking a stationary bus. Why should you proceed with caution?
Mark one answer:

Bicycles are parked on the pavement nearby
The driver may open their door
Pedestrians may attempt to cross in front of the bus
There is oncoming traffic further down the road

Q:7-You are driving, and it is raining extremely heavily. Your stopping distance will probably be:
Mark one answer:

Twice what it is in normal weather
The same
Half what it is in normal weather
Ten times more what it is in normal weather

Q:8-The main reason why it is more difficult to overtake lorries and other large vehicles compared to cars is because:
Mark one answer:

They may pull over onto the side of the road at short notice
They cannot drive as quickly up hills
It takes longer to pass them
The brakes are not as effective as on a car

Q:9-As you brake, your car is pulling to one side. At this point, you need to:
Mark one answer:

Press down harder on the brakes
Swap your tyres
Apply the handbrake simultaneously
Visit your local mechanic as quickly as you can

Q:10-You are planning to turn to the right at a junction, but your view is compromised because of parked cars. You need to:
Mark one answer:

Stop, but edge forward carefully so you can have a wider view of any hazards ahead
Stop the car, get out and see if there are any oncoming hazards
Pull out quickly, but be ready to apply the brakes
Beep the horn, and proceed if you don't get a response

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