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Practice Theory Test 46

Take this final Theory Test Driving UK Driving Test with free mock tests.

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Q:1-Which of the following factors will increase your stopping distance the most?
Mark one answer:

Driving while it's raining
Driving in gale-force winds
Driving when visibility is poor because of fog
Driving when it's dark

Q:2-You are in the process of replacing engine oil. How should oil that is no longer in use be disposed of?
Mark one answer:

Emptied into a hole that's in the ground
By being delivered to a local authority's designated site
In the bin
Down the drain

Q:3-A red circular sign provides height in metres and feet. This is intended for types of vehicles that are:
Mark one answer:


Q:4-What is the purpose of a circular sign with a background that is completely blue?
Mark one answer:

To provide guidance on joining the motorway
To provide a warning
To help you find a car park
To provide a positive instruction

Q:5-When driving on roads with icy surfaces, which of the following measures will decrease the chances of your wheels spinning uncontrollably?
Mark one answer:

Braking with minimal pressure several times
Applying the handbrake if you are losing control
Travelling in the lowest gear possible throughout your journey
Travelling slowly and with care, in the highest gear you can

Q:6-When is it best for the pressure of your tyres to be checked?
Mark one answer:

After you have been travelling at a fast speed
Once tyres are warm
Once tyres are cold
Following on from a long drive

Q:7-You are behind a cyclist who is indicating that he is turning right at the end of the road in a few metres. You need to:
Mark one answer:

Overtake the rider before he reaches the junction
Slow down, allowing the cyclist to complete their turn
Overtake the rider on the left, as he is turning right anyway
Flash lights and beep the horn at the cyclist

Q:8-You are driving down a motorway. Towards the left-hand side of the carriageway, what colour are the reflective cat's eyes?
Mark one answer:


Q:9-When are you allowed to reverse from a quiet side road into the main road?
Mark one answer:

If the main road has no oncoming traffic
Under no circumstances
Whenever you need to
If both roads are quiet and completely free of oncoming traffic

Q:10-Why should the head restraint of the driver's seat be appropriately adjusted before the start of a journey?
Mark one answer:

It prevents damaging injuries to your neck and back in the event of an accident
It's comfortable
It prevents fidgeting because your driving position is too uncomfortable
It's relaxing and makes for a smoother ride

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