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Practice Theory Test 45

Take this final Car theory test Practice 2018 UK Driving Test with free mock tests.

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Q:1-While stationary at a level crossing for trains, a red light carries on flashing even though the train has passed. You need to:
Mark one answer:

Carry on waiting
Contact the signal operator
Warn drivers behind you with your hazard lights
Continue, but take care

Q:2-When feeling fatigued, you should stop your car in a safe place and take a break as soon as possible. In the meantime, you need to:
Mark one answer:

Change gears regularly to keep your mind active
Drum your fingers on the steering wheel
Drive as quickly as you can to the next service station
Wind down your windows, allowing cool and fresh air to circulate around the car

Q:3-In which conditions is it acceptable to have a time gap of two seconds in between your car and the vehicle in front?
Mark one answer:

When road surfaces are wet
When conditions are good
When conditions on the road are damp
When visibility is poor

Q:4-There is ice on the road, with sub-zero temperatures outside. How should you handle your vehicle on the approach to a sharp bend?
Mark one answer:

Decelerate before emerging round the bend
Apply maximum pressure to your brakes if necessary
Be prepared to start steering sharply
Set your gears into neutral or put your foot on the clutch to begin coasting

Q:5-The main benefit of a car with an anti-lock brake mechanism installed is:
Mark one answer:

The ability to divert your attention from the road if needed
The ability to accelerate and maintain high speeds safely
The ability to brake hard without the vehicle ever skidding
The ability to use your steering wheel and brakes simultaneously in the event of an emergency

Q:6-If your engine has caught fire, you need to:
Mark one answer:

Lift the bonnet to deactivate the battery
Lift the bonnet up and activate your hazard lights
Call 999 for the fire brigade
Contact the AA

Q:7-What should you do if you want the engine to control the speed of your car?
Mark one answer:

Enter into neutral
Enter into reverse
Enter the highest gear possible
Enter the lowest gear possible

Q:8-You are planning to pass a cyclist, but there are strong winds. You need to:
Mark one answer:

Beep the horn several times
Drive quickly to minimise the inconvenience
Overtake as closely as you can to protect them from the winds
Allow extra distance than you normally would

Q:9-At the scene of the crash, somebody is suffering from serious burns. You need to:
Mark one answer:

Rub lotion into the burn
Clear anything that might be stuck to the burn
Pour cool, non-toxic liquid over the burns
Burst blisters before the emergency services arrive

Q:10-You are on a dual carriageway, when unexpectedly, a blue van cuts into your lane without notice. At this point, you need to:
Mark one answer:

Slow down slightly if it is safe to do so, allowing a safe distance between you and the van
Give the driver of the van several flashes of your lights in warning
Increase your speed so you are closer to the vehicle in question
Sound your horn for several seconds in warning

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