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Practice Theory Test 44

Take this final theory test UK Driving Test Practice with picture guidelines how to pass.

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Q:1-The use of a hands-free mobile phone while driving results in:
Mark one answer:

Your road safety improving
Enhanced levels of concentration
Your view of hazards and the road ahead being obstructed
Your attention being distracted from the road

Q:2-Out of the following items, what shouldn't you keep within your car at all times?
Mark one answer:

First aid supplies
The certificate of insurance
A map
Documents about the vehicle's ownership

Q:3-Frontal fog lights can only be used when visibility is lower than:
Mark one answer:

100m (328ft)
200m (656ft)
300m (984ft)
400m (1312ft)

Q:4-As a bare minimum, what type of car insurance should you have to be legal on the road?
Mark one answer:

A fully-comprehensive policy
Third-party, along with fire and theft cover
Just third-party cover
Protection against personal injury

Q:5-While towing a caravan on the motorway, the caravan begins to swerve uncontrollably behind you. You should:
Mark one answer:

Steer with short, sharp movements
Ease off your accelerator
Accelerate in the hope this will bring the caravan under control
Stop immediately

Q:6-After breaking down unexpectedly on the motorway, you need to call for assistance from an emergency telephone box. To find one, you should walk:
Mark one answer:

Based on the instruction provided by marker posts
Towards the closest exit
In the same direction as the traffic
In the opposite direction as the traffic

Q:7-When you drive and there is snowfall, you need to:
Mark one answer:

Apply gentle pressure when using your accelerator and brakes
Make sharp turns on the steering wheel if necessary
Apply maximum pressure to the brakes immediately if necessary
Ensure that your sidelights are activated

Q:8-While travelling in a residential area, you are warned that there are speed bumps ahead. In advance, you need to:
Mark one answer:

Check pavements on either side of the road to see if there are any pedestrians
Come to a complete stop while pedestrians walk to the other side of the road
Steer so you are in the left lane
Reduce your speed

Q:9-There is an obstruction in your lane, blocking you from moving ahead. You need to:
Mark one answer:

Wave oncoming traffic past
Increase your speed so you pass the obstruction before oncoming traffic does
Swerve round and carry on driving as you have right of way
Give traffic in the opposite direction right of way

Q:10-You DON'T need to notify the DVLA if:
Mark one answer:

If you have changed the vehicle that you drive
Your eyesight falls below the minimum requirements
If your car is due for an MOT
If a health condition is distracting you from driving

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