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Practice Theory Test 42

If you looking for Driving Theory Test Questions here is your Mock Tests.

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Q:1-While stationary and preparing to move at a T-junction, a vehicle on the right is indicating left. You need to:
Mark one answer:

Only move when the vehicle has started to make its left-hand turn
Push down on the accelerator and get out of their way
Gradually emerge onto the new road

Q:2-Which of the following measures can help your car to stay secure at night time?
Mark one answer:

Taking a car maintenance course
A breakdown company
A verified vehicle watch scheme
Taking an advanced drivers awareness course

Q:3-What is the best course of action when your rear wheels begin skidding?
Mark one answer:

Apply the handbrake as soon as possible
Steer gently into the skid
Do not use the steering wheel at all
Steer in the direction opposite to where you are skidding

Q:4-You wish to turn right. Although your indicator has been activated, you want to ensure that surrounding road users know for certain what your intentions are, especially considering that traffic is busy. You should:
Mark one answer:

Flash your lights at oncoming traffic
Position the car over the centre line
Beep the horn
Give a clear signal with your arm

Q:5-You believe that someone involved in a car crash has sustained injuries to their back. The best thing to do is:
Mark one answer:

Giving them some cold water
Avoid calling the emergency services
Raising their legs upward to help blood flow
Not move them and wait for medical advice

Q:6-Over time, you have noticed that your vision is starting to deteriorate. Your optician is unable to assist you. By law, you should inform:
Mark one answer:

The nearest police station
A different optician so you can get a second opinion
Your GP

Q:7-When planning to make a right-hand turn at a box junction, you see oncoming traffic. You need to:
Mark one answer:

Continue driving as right-hand turns are not allowed
Wait until you are given right of way by other road users in the opposite direction
Only move when all traffic is gone
Enter the box if you can see that your exit road is clear of hazards

Q:8-There are no signs indicating the speed limit for the road you are driving on. What indicates a 30mph limit?
Mark one answer:

Lines on the road
If there are double yellow lines
Street lights
Islands for pedestrians

Q:9-You are about to embark on a long-distance drive. Should you incorporate rest breaks into your journey time?
Mark one answer:

Yes, and you need to stop once every 30 minutes
No, you only need to stop to top up on petrol
No, as you won't feel tired for long and you'll reach your destination quicker
Yes, regular stops can keep you alert and boost your concentration

Q:10-You are approaching a pelican crossing, where there is a flashing amber light. You need to:
Mark one answer:

Only proceed when there is a green light signalling you to do so
Flash your headlights, indicating that the pedestrian can cross
Begin to proceed once there is a red and amber solid light
Give any pedestrians right of way

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