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Practice Theory Test 41

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Q:1-You are approaching a pedestrian who is carrying a white stick, as well as a red band. This indicates:
Mark one answer:

That they are both blind and deaf
That they suffer from blindness
That they suffer from deafness
That they have a physical disability

Q:2-How can leaving out some gear changes (such as going from second to fourth gear) reduce your fuel consumption?
Mark one answer:

It lessens the amount of time you spend coasting
It reduces the period of time spent accelerating
It helps you to control the amount of time you spend steering
It eliminates the need to use the brakes as frequently

Q:3-Why is it important to ensure that your indicating lights are deactivated once you have completed a turn?
Mark one answer:

So you don't cause confusion to other road users
So you don't damage the inner workings of the car
So power in your car's battery isn't wasted
So other drivers aren't dazzled by the light from the indicator

Q:4-What is the main role of a catalytic converter?
Mark one answer:

To lower fuel consumption levels
To prevent wear and tear on the engine
To reduce toxic fumes that are released from the exhaust into the atmosphered
To reduce the chances of a fire breaking out

Q:5-You are planning to turn right onto another road. Why should you allow sufficient time to position yourself correctly?
Mark one answer:

To allow other drivers behind you to know what your intentions are
So other vehicles can overtake you to the right
So you can clearly see any obstructions or hazards ahead on the road you're turning onto
To give way to fellow motorists who might be pulling out

Q:6-A sign with a large white arrow on a blue background indicates that:
Mark one answer:

This is a one-way street
Both directions of traffic are sharing a lane
There is nowhere to pull over
The speed limit is 50mph

Q:7-You are driving on a smooth road in dry conditions, in a car with fully-functioning tyres and brakes. Your speed is 40mph. On average, what will be the distance it takes to come to a complete stop?
Mark one answer:

96m (315ft)
36m (118ft)
23m (75ft)
53m (175ft)

Q:8-What is the standardised speed limit for cars and motorbikes travelling on motorways?
Mark one answer:


Q:9-In good visibility during the day, a motorcycle user has activated their dipped headlights. This is so:
Mark one answer:

The battery of their motorcycle won't overcharge
You have right of way to overtake them
The motorcyclist can see any hazards ahead more clearly
So the motorcyclist is more visible to other road users

Q:10-You have been prescribed cough medication, but are unsure whether this could impair your driving capabilities. You should:
Mark one answer:

be ok to drive as long as it's a legal medicine
not take the full dose on days you need to drive
ask a friend for their advice
read the medicine's label, and speak to your doctor

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