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Practice Theory Test 40

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Q:1-A two-year-old child is travelling in the car. Which of the following is the most suitable restraint for their needs?
Mark one answer:

Sitting on a responsible adult's lap
A child seat
No seatbelt at all
A seatbelt at all times

Q:2-While you are stationary at a pelican crossing, a person in a wheelchair is making their way to the other side slowly. The traffic lights have since turned green. You should:
Mark one answer:

Beep the horn
Wait until they have crossed the road safely
Drive once they have passed your car
Edge forward onto the crossing gradually

Q:3-What is the main reason for exercising caution when driving in an area where there is a tram network?
Mark one answer:

Because they cannot brake if a car is in their way
Because trams do not have exterior lights
Because they cannot swerve and change direction
Because they cannot sound a horn

Q:4-The solid line running down the left-hand side of the carriageway is used to indicate:
edge of carriageway solid line
Mark one answer:

That this is the edge of the carriageway
That there are traffic lights ahead
That there is a footpath ahead
That there is a cycle path ahead

Q:5-The main benefit of the Pass Plus scheme is:
Mark one answer:

It can make insurance free
It means you can begin to supervise other learner drivers
It can give a newly-qualified driver more experience
It can prevent the chances of a car breaking down

Q:6-If you sustain a puncture on the motorway, you need to:
Mark one answer:

Pull over onto the hard shoulder, and change the tire yourself
Continue to drive slowly until the next service station
Come to a complete stop in the lane you are travelling in
Pull over onto the hard shoulder, and call for help

Q:7-How can you prevent your brakes from overheating and get the engine to assist with braking while going down the hill?
Mark one answer:

By entering a gear that's higher
By entering into reverse
By entering into neutral
By entering a gear that's lower

Q:8-What is the minimum age for someone to supervise a person who is learning to drive?
Mark one answer:


Q:9-You are driving up to traffic lights. Only the amber light is lit. Which lights will come on next?
Mark one answer:

Both red and amber
Only the red light
Only the green light
Both amber and green

Q:10-Coasting - or driving for prolonged periods of time in neutral - means:
Mark one answer:

The vehicle consumes more fuel than usual
The driver of the vehicle has more control
The driver of the vehicle has less control*
The vehicle's steering wheel is easier to use

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