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Practice Theory Test 39

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Q:1-While driving in the left lane down a motorway with three lanes, more cars are joining from a slip road. You need to:
Mark one answer:

Activate your hazard lights
Continue at the same speed
Accelerate and race other drivers
Indicate and move into the middle lane if it is safe to do so

Q:2-You pull up at a puffin crossing with a red light. Pedestrians are currently using the crossing. The light remains red until:
Mark one answer:

You drive the car onto the puffin crossing gradually
The pedestrians have safely reached the pavement on the other side of the road
An oncoming driver on the other side of the road has also made a stop in front of the crossing
The pedestrians using the crossing are no longer in front of your car

Q:3-A disadvantage of installing a roof rack on top of your car is:
Mark one answer:

The quantities of fuel the car consumes can be increased
The vehicle will be easier to handle on the road
The speed of your car will be enhanced
The dog gets some fresh air

Q:4-While planning to overtake a cyclist, there needs to be as much distance as possible between them and your vehicle. This is mainly because:
Mark one answer:

The cyclist could increase their speed
The cyclist may disembark
They might be planning to turn to the left
The cyclist may need to swerve at short notice

Q:5-When at crossroads that do not have markings, who has priority?
Mark one answer:

The fastest vehicles
The largest vehicles
The smallest vehicles

Q:6-Out of the four measures here, which has the greatest chance of stopping a thief from taking your vehicle?
Mark one answer:

Steering wheel locks
Blacked-out windows
Sun screens
An immobilising device

Q:7-When travelling through a busy tunnel, you need to:
Mark one answer:

Save space by closing the gap between you and the vehicle ahead
Turn around and find an alternative route
Keep a safe distance between your car and the vehicle in front
Ignore warning signs, they probably haven't been updated

Q:8-If preparing to join a motorway, why do you need to use all available space on the slip road?
Mark one answer:

You can immediately enter the lanes designed for overtaking
Because you can easily make a U-turn if you've gone the wrong way
It will allow you to drive on the hard shoulder
You can accelerate to a speed similar to that of the traffic currently on the motorway

Q:9-When should hazard lights be activated while you are driving?
Mark one answer:

On narrow country roads where animals are present
As an alternative to beeping your horn
When you are approaching a toucan crossing, with bike users waiting to cross
On motorways and dual carriageways to warn motorists behind you of hazards ahead

Q:10-Which of the following factors is most likely to lead to a crash?
Mark one answer:

Low levels of battery water
Low levels of brake fluid
Low levels of radiator coolant
Low levels of anti-freeze

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