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Practice Theory Test 38

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Q:1-You are at the scene of a collision where somebody is unconscious in their car. The emergency services need to be contacted:
Mark one answer:

Only if absolutely necessary
Once you have woken them
Once you have performed a check for broken bones

Q:2-You are driving down a narrow country road. There is a left-hand bend ahead. The main hazards to remain aware of are:
Mark one answer:

That pedestrians could be walking in the direction of your car
Oncoming vehicles
All of the above

Q:3-What is the main warning sign that your car is aquaplaning?
Mark one answer:

The steering of your car is heavier than usual
More noise is being emitted from the engine
The steering of your car is lighter than usual
The engine is stalling regularly

Q:4-The actions of another driver has upset you. It can help if you:
Mark one answer:

Stop for a while, and take a short break
Flash them a rude hand gesture
Follow their vehicle
Swear at them through your window

Q:5-After travelling through deep water that has gathered on a road surface, you should:
Mark one answer:

Slow your speed, and apply a little pressure on your brakes simultaneously
Increase your speed for a prolonged period of time
Stop using the brakes altogether for several kilometres
Pull over and don't use the vehicle for 60 minutes so the brakes can return to normal

Q:6-While driving in the town centre, you notice that there is a stationary bus located at the bus stop on the other side of the road. You should exercise greater caution because:
Mark one answer:

Pedestrians may attempt to cross the road from behind the vehicle
The bus may have a mechanical fault and could be broken down
The bus could remain in the same position
The bus may begin to move without warning

Q:7-Although you are travelling on a well-lit road in a busy area, you should use dipped headlights. Why?
Mark one answer:

So you can accelerate and get to your destination faster
So you are visible to other road users
So you can alternate to full headlights faster
So you can see further ahead

Q:8-Which of the following vehicles has the lowest chance of being moved by crosswinds?
Mark one answer:

Lorry drivers
Motorcycle users
Car users

Q:9-What should you do when overtaking horse riders?
Mark one answer:

Keep your distance, but drive past quickly
Slow your speed and keep as much distance between your vehicle and the horse as possible
Keep a short distance between the horse and your vehicle, driving quickly
Sound the horn once as a warning

Q:10-What is the purpose of a right-hand lane when you are on a three-lane motorway?
Mark one answer:

For accelerating
For use by lorry drivers only
For making a right turn
For overtaking motorists in other lanes

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