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Driving Theory Test Questions Free Online:

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Practice Theory Test 37

emergency refuge area meaning emergency refuge area on a motorway is used for

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Q:1-What is the main purpose of an Emergency Refuge Area?
Mark one answer:

Parking for emergency services
It gives you greater distance from the motorway after an emergency or a breakdown
It gives you the ability to use mobile phone freely
An escape from traffic queues

Q:2-Which one of the following statistics about driving smoothly is true?
Mark one answer:

The amount of fuel the car consumes falls by 15%
The time it takes to make journeys falls by 15%
The time it takes to make journeys rises by 15%
The amount of fuel the car consumes rises by 15%

Q:3-You are driving on a road with a wet surface. What is the main reason for a motorcyclist steering around a drain cover?
Mark one answer:

Pedestrians won't be splashed with rainwater
It will help them to prepare for the bend ahead
It will prevent punctures in their tyres
It will stop the motorcyclist from sliding uncontrollably

Q:4-Which type of vehicle may have to use an unconventional course when driving on a roundabout?
Mark one answer:

Longer vehicles

Q:5-The only reason your horn should be used while you are stationary is if:
Mark one answer:

There is no reason, it should not be used in any situation
A moving vehicle is placing you in danger
There is only sound briefly
You need to alert someone that you have just arrived

Q:6-What is the main consequence of using your fog lights when visibility is good during the day?
Mark one answer:

It can wear down your battery
Your awareness could be enhanced
Your visibility will be greatly enhanced
Other drivers could be dazzled by the light

Q:7-What is the one thing that alcohol WON'T do if consumed before you travel?
Mark one answer:

Impair your judgment on how fast you are travelling
Impair your ability to react to hazards
Improve how quickly you react to hazards
Provide a false sense of confidence behind the wheel

Q:8-You are about to start a journey, but there is snow or ice on your vehicle. Which area of the car DOESN'T need to be cleared of ice or snow?
Mark one answer:

Your licence plate
All windows
All mirrors
The bumper of the vehicle

Q:9-Which of the following is the ONLY one allowed to use the motorway?
Mark one answer:

Cars being driven by learners
Double-decker buses

Q:10-While travelling on a wet road surface, you need to make an emergency stop. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Honk your horn
Enter into reverse
Wave your arm to alert other road users
Ensure both of your hands remain on the steering wheel

emergency refuge area sign what's an emergency refuge area used for