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Practice Theory Test 36

free online driving theory tests the driving test theory test practice questions and answers

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Q:1-You don't have time to remove your sat nav, car radio and suitcase from your vehicle. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Lock them away out of view
Park near the entrance of a school
Place them in a plastic bag
Park where there is a bus stop nearby

Q:2-You decide to activate your frontal fog lights, as visibility ahead is less than 100m. You need to remember to:
Mark one answer:

Deactivate them once visibility has improved
Only activate them when there is plenty of traffic around
Don't activate them if you are driving on a motorway
Only activate them when travelling on a dual carriageway

Q:3-What does a red traffic light indicate?
Mark one answer:

You can turn left if there is no road traffic or pedestrians ahead
You need to prepare to stop
You can continue if there is no road traffic or pedestrians ahead
That all vehicles must stop and stay behind the stop line

Q:4-Signs with brown backgrounds are used to show:
Mark one answer:

A roads
Directions to tourist attractions
Routes of nearby motorways

Q:5-Some road signs give orders. All, with the exception of the STOP and GIVE WAY signs, are which shape and colour?
Mark one answer:

A blue rectangle
A red triangle
A green rectangle
A red circle

Q:6-While driving on a motorway after heavy rain, you encounter surface spray. You should utilise:
Mark one answer:

The hazard lights
The fog lights found towards the back end of the car
Your headlights, dipped
Your sidelights

Q:7-You are driving on a narrow road in the countryside, and are about to overtake a cyclist. When passing them, what should you do?
Mark one answer:

Drive quickly, and beep your horn at them while overtaking
Drive past slowly and with care, with plenty of space between you and the cyclist
Drive slowly, and beep your horn at them while overtaking
Drive past as quickly and with care, with plenty of space between you and the cyclist

Q:8-Following on from a car collision, the driver is suffering from shock. You should:
Mark one answer:

Give them a drink
Give them a cigarette
Ask for all of the details about what happened
Calm them down, and reassure them that everything is fine

Q:9-Cars and other vehicles can harm the environment in the following ways. Which one of these statements is false?
Mark one answer:

Air becomes more polluted
Natural resources are depleting
Buildings can become damaged
It takes longer to get to work in the morning

Q:10-The vehicle behind you has a flashing green light on the roof. This signals that the driver is:
Mark one answer:

A policeman in an unmarked car on an assignment that isn't time sensitive
A patrol officer monitoring road safety
Gritting the road
A medical professional attending to an urgent call

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