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Practice Theory Test 35

list of theory test questions and answers

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Q:1-During heavy snowfall, you need to:
Mark one answer:

Only make short journeys
Only make necessary journeys
Keep your mobile with you at all times
Always activate your hazards while driving

Q:2-While travelling down a steep hill, some drivers hold the clutch down, or set the gears to neutral. If done for prolonged periods of time, this can be dangerous. Why?
Mark one answer:

It can harm your engine and lower its lifespan
It can increase the amount of fuel you use
It can erode your tyres, meaning they need to be replaced
The car can gain speed quickly

Q:3-Never attempt to overtake cyclists when:
Mark one answer:

Approaching a left-hand bend
While travelling on a one-way street
While travelling on a dual carriageway
While about to turn left

Q:4-While in a queue at traffic lights, you are planning to turn left. Prior to making the manoeuvre, you need to:
Mark one answer:

Check the rearview mirror
Reduce the distance between your car and the vehicle ahead
Place your car between two lines
See if there are any cyclists on the left

Q:5-What is the greatest advantage of owning a car with four-wheel drive functionality?
Mark one answer:

They are comfortable for both drivers and passengers
They provide additional grip on road surfaces
They offer better fuel economy
They reduce the length of time it takes to come to a stop

Q:6-Which of the following would NOT impair your ability to concentrate while driving?
Mark one answer:

Playing music on the loudest setting
Wearing contact lenses
Driving while tired
Taking drugs

Q:7-If you press down on the accelerator rapidly, and brake heavily without planning, it results in:
Mark one answer:

Less emissions from your car's exhaust
Your road safety being enhanced
Less pollution entering the atmosphere
More fuel being used

Q:8-What is the main measure used to prevent congestion on the motorway?
Mark one answer:

Closed lanes
One flat speed limit
Variable speed limits in busier areas
Contraflow systems

Q:9-Stop signs are which shape?
Mark one answer:

An octagon
A triangle
A circle
A rounded rectangle

Q:10-What type of glasses are unsafe to wear during the night when driving?
Mark one answer:

Rounded glasses
Glasses with bi-focal lenses
Glasses with tinted lenses
Half-moon glasses

list of driving theory test questions and answers