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Practice Theory Test 31

From easy to hard Multiple choice Theory Test Questions for 2018. Its test with fun.

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Q:1-Your horn should mainly be used for:
Mark one answer:

Saying 'hi' to other drivers
Alerting drivers of where you are positioned
Notifying other motorists that you have right of way
Road rage

Q:2-In which scenario do cars have the greatest chance of being susceptible to side winds?
Mark one answer:

When there is a lot of traffic on the road
When the road is wide, and there aren't many buildings to the left and right
When the road is straight and quite long
When travelling down a countryside road that isn't very wide

Q:3-In which scenario will anti-lock brakes on a vehicle be activated?
Mark one answer:

When you apply full pressure to your brake pedal
When you fail to notice a danger ahead of you
When you are driving fast on wet roads
When you fail to brake in sufficient time

Q:4-What is the purpose of signs shaped like a triangle?
warning sign
Mark one answer:

They provide directions
They provide warnings
They provide orders
They provide information

Q:5-If you are travelling through a tunnel, and a small fire starts in your vehicle, you need to:
Mark one answer:

Perform an emergency stop
Carry on through the tunnel wherever possible
Head in the other direction straight away
Enter into reverse

Q:6-You have bought a sat nav for your vehicle. What is the best way to configure the device so it doesn't distract you while you drive?
Mark one answer:

Let the sat nav recalculate your route while you are driving
Stop your vehicle straight away so you can see the sat nav's display and make any necessary changes
Type your intended destination into the sat nav while you are driving
Stop in the nearest safe place for your vehicle prior to making any necessary changes to the sat nav

Q:7-When you are approaching traffic lights and you see amber is appearing on its own, this indicates that:
Mark one answer:

You should prepare to move
You can continue if there are no pedestrians
You need to come to a halt at the stop line
You can continue driving if there are no obstructions ahead

Q:8-You accidentally crash into a garden wall while in a residential area. Nobody is around. You should:
Mark one answer:

Inform the house owner by visiting them the next day
Inform the police within 24 hours
Notify the insurance company when you arrive at your destination
Find a passerby to get their advice

Q:9-What is the best way to reduce the chance of your car being stolen or broken into?
Mark one answer:

Parking the car in a dimly-lit environment
Parking the car in a well-lit environment
Leaving the steering lock deactivated
Parking in a side road that doesn’t have much traffic

Q:10-While driving in the lane to the right of a dual carriageway, you see a sign indicating that the lane is closed 800 yards ahead. At this point, you need to:
Mark one answer:

Stay in the lane
Indicate left and transition into another lane in good time
Don't move until you can see which lane is moving the fastest
Move into another lane straight away

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