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Free Driving Theory Test 2018theory test 2018

Take this dvla theory test practice free online to check how set you up are for the theory test! This mock theory test the structure of the real theory test in everything: you should answer 43 out of 50 questions accurately to pass, and there are different decision questions with 4 answers each. While the real theory exam test has a period breaking point of dvla theory test 2018, we chose not to utilize it here, since the fundamental objective of this test is to offer you some assistance with getting acquainted with the exam position. You must do some practice exam mock tests here to be able to pass driving theory test.

To make easier theory test 50 questions are separated by 10 questions set. Complete theory questions tests are 100% free.

Driving Theory Test Questions Free Online:

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Practice Theory Test 30

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Q:1-After driving through a flooded area, what should be your first course of action?
Mark one answer:

Testing the braking mechanism
Checking the tyres
Coming to a stop and drying the brakes
Checking the exhaust

Q:2-You are travelling on a road with a lot of traffic. A long vehicle, which is moving at a slow speed is holding you up, and you plan to overtake. You need to:
Mark one answer:

Keep close behind it, swerving slightly to the right so you can see any traffic ahead
Continue driving as normal until the driver of the slow-moving vehicle gives you permission to overtake
Flash headlights at oncoming traffic so that they will give you right of way
Maintain a generous time gap between you and the vehicle, overtaking when there are no obstructions ahead

Q:3-Is it legal for passengers to ride in a caravan that is being towed by another vehicle?
Mark one answer:

If there are no further seats available in the vehicle towing the caravan
No, under no circumstances
Only if passengers are aged 14 and over
If a stabiliser has been installed on the caravan

Q:4-What does this sign mean?
waiting restriction sign
Mark one answer:

The national speed limit applies
No entry
Waiting restrictions have been enforced
This is a school area

Q:5-Petrol-fuelled vehicles are required to have catalytic converters installed. This is because:
Mark one answer:

It reduces the levels of toxic fumes emitted by car exhausts into the atmosphere
It can help the exhaust of a car to resist wear and tear
Noise from car exhausts need to be regulated
It makes the car exhaust recyclable

Q:6-You are driving on a road and are complying with the speed limit. However, the driver of the car behind is attempting to overtake you. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Close the distance between your vehicle and the car in front, meaning there is no room for the driver to overtake
Give the driver permission to overtake you by winding down your window and waving your arm
Drive consistently and at the same speed, enabling the car behind you to complete the manoeuvre
Increase your speed to widen the distance between you and the driver

Q:7-How should you minimise the risk of your in-car audio system being stolen?
Mark one answer:

Park in a remote location
Add a security code to your in-car audio system
Disguise the system using a blanket
Park somewhere dark

Q:8-When driving on wet surfaces, what warning sign can indicate that the car isn't gripping the road very well?
Mark one answer:

A stalling engine
Your steering wheel will feel extremely light
Your steering wheel will feel extremely heavy
The engine will make more noise

Q:9-While driving a vehicle that has anti-lock brakes installed, you benefit from:
double bend ahead sign
Mark one answer:

A car will never skid
A car that can be steered even when you are braking
A car that accelerates far faster
A car that doesn't need a handbrake

Q:10-It is only acceptable to flash the headlights of your car to other drivers when:
Mark one answer:

It is your right of way and you are preparing to pass
Giving way and allowing the other driver to pass
Alerting road users to your presence
You are preparing to turn into another road

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