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Practice Theory Test 28

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Q:1-The driving capabilities of an older person could be compromised because they could be unable to:
Mark one answer:

Interpret road signage correctly
Get necessary insurance cover
React quickly enough
Provide signals to other motorists correctly

Q:2-Which of these practices when driving a car causes most damage to the environment?
Mark one answer:

Anticipating potential hazards in good time
Travelling on country roads
Accelerating as quickly as possible
Braking gradually

Q:3-You are planning a U-turn. What should you do in advance?
Mark one answer:

Place your car into fourth or fifth gear
Flash your lights at oncoming drivers so they slow down during the manoeuvre
Activate your indicators, then wave your arms to catch the attention of other road users
Look behind you immediately before the U-turn to check for obstructions

Q:4-What does this road sign indicate?
crossroad ahead sign
Mark one answer:

The level crossing ahead is gated
You should continue driving ahead
The level crossing ahead is ungated
There are crossroads ahead

Q:5-What is the main difference between a toucan crossing and other forms of crossings?
Mark one answer:

It can be used by bicycle users
It can be used by moped users
A traffic warden controls the flow of users
Two flashing lights are found either side of the crossing

Q:6-If overtaking other vehicles late at night, you need to:
Mark one answer:

Only overtake when approaching a bend
Be cautious of upcoming bends ahead
Beep the horn twice before beginning to overtake
Activate your full-beam headlights

Q:7-In which scenario is the use of hazard lights acceptable?
Mark one answer:

So you can park where there are double yellow lines
If your car breaks down unexpectedly
While your vehicle is towed
So you can park the car alongside another vehicle

Q:8-While on the approach to traffic lights, only the red and amber light is showing. This indicates that:
Mark one answer:

Do not proceed until the lights are green
The traffic lights will soon be changing just to red
The traffic lights are out of order, proceed with caution
You can pass if the road ahead is clear

Q:9-There has been a serious accident, and you arrive on the scene first. What SHOULDN'T you do?
Mark one answer:

Double-check that the emergency services have been contacted and that an ambulance is on its way
Activate the hazard lights of your car
Give those who have been injured something to drink
Ask people who haven't been injured in the accident to remain away from the cars

Q:10-While driving a vehicle which has anti-lock brakes installed, you are required to perform an emergency stop: You should:
Mark one answer:

Utilise the handbrake so the car doesn’t travel as far while stopping
Push down on the brakes in short, sharp bursts so the car doesn't skid
Push down on the brakes in a quick and firm manner until the vehicle stops
Begin braking as you normally would, without using your steering wheel

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