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Practice Theory Test 27

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Q:1-The best way to plan a journey in advance is to:
Mark one answer:

Stick to areas you are familiar with
Drive during peak hours only
Print out or write down instructions from the route using a journey planner
Consult a trade magazine specialising in cars

Q:2-What does this sign indicate on motorways?
Roundabout ahead
Mark one answer:

That there is a road blockage 40 metres ahead
That there are no service stations for the next 40 miles
That the temporary maximum speed allowed is 40mph
That the temporary minimum speed allowed is 40mph

Q:3-You have just passed your driving test. What must you do before getting on the road?
Mark one answer:

Have supervision when travelling on a motorway
Display a green 'L' plate on the back of your car
Drive under 40mph for the first year
Get a full car insurance

Q:4-While about to begin a journey, you feel fatigued and have an extremely painful headache. You need to:
Mark one answer:

Begin driving, but take a painkiller beforehand
Delay the journey temporarily, then drive slower than you normally would
Delay the journey until the headache subsides, and you feel alert
Begin driving if you're confident you can remain awake

Q:5-While travelling, one of your tyres bursts unexpectedly. You should:
Mark one answer:

Carry on driving normally
Keep a firm grip of the steering wheel to retain control of the car
Activate the handbrake
Slam down hard on your brakes

Q:6-The hard shoulder of a motorway is for:
Mark one answer:

Taking a short break if you feel fatigued
Checking your map to see if you are going in the right direction
Emergencies only
Accepting mobile phone calls

Q:7-While driving on the motorway, your car breaks down and you pull over in the hard shoulder. You need to use your mobile phone to request assistance. You need to:
Mark one answer:

Exit the car from the right-hand side
Use the marker posts on the left side of the motorway as a point of reference, and pass this information on
Attempt to fix the fault yourself
Get out of the car, and stand behind it while you talk to the emergency services

Q:8-While in peak-hour traffic, you are indicating your intention to turn right. What is the safest way to alert other road users?
Mark one answer:

Give a clear arm signal
Beep the horn
Position your car so it is over the centre line
Flash headlights at other road users

Q:9-You are travelling with a small child who is riding in a rear-facing baby seat. You plan to place them in the front seat to the left of you. What must be done before you start your journey?
Mark one answer:

The front seat must be reclined as far as it will go
Locks for child safety must be deactivated
Both airbags in the front of the car must be deactivated
The front passenger airbag must be deactivated

Q:10-You are present at the scene of an accident, and someone is in shock. What should you do to treat them?
Mark one answer:

Walk around with them to clear their head
Give them a continued reassurance and talk to them in a quiet tone
Keep them as cool as you can
Provide them with a drink of water

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