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Practice Theory Test 26

free practice driving theory test dvla practice driving theory test

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Q:1-While driving, you are behind a long, articulated lorry. The vehicle's indicators suggest that the lorry is about to turn to the left, into a road that's narrow. You should:
Mark one answer:

Bypass the lorry on the left-hand side before the vehicle is due to turn
Bypass the lorry on the right-hand side as soon as it begins to lose speed
Do not attempt to overtake, keep your distance and be ready to come to a stop at short notice
Do not attempt to overtake until you are sure that no traffic is heading in the opposite direction

Q:2-The law states that all persons travelling in a car have to wear a seatbelt where provided, with the exception of:
Mark one answer:

Passengers in the back seat
Passengers under the age of 14
Passengers under five feet tall
Passengers exempt for health reasons

Q:3-What SHOULDN'T you do when overtaking sheep on a country lane?
Mark one answer:

Prepare to stop if instructed to do so
Give the animals a wide berth
Drive slowly until you are fully clear
Beep your horn to alert farmers of your presence

Q:4-What does this road sign indicate?
Roundabout ahead road sign
Mark one answer:

No vehicles past this point
Ring road ahead
Mini-roundabout ahead
Roundabout ahead

Q:5-When road surfaces are icy, what should you do while driving at a slower speed?
Mark one answer:

Keep your left foot on top of the brake at all times
Drive in a high gear
Drive in a low gear
Leave the handbrake partially on

Q:6-While travelling on a motorway, red lights are flashing continually above the lane you are in. You should:
Mark one answer:

Carry on driving in the lane and await further instructions
Pull over to the hard shoulder as soon as possible
Come to a stop and await further announcements
Allow plenty of time before you indicate and move into another lane

Q:7-You see amber lights continuously flashing near a school. You should:
school ahead road sign
Mark one answer:

Maintain your speed and beep the horn if necessary
Accelerate and leave the road as soon as possible
Come to a stop until the lights have changed from amber to green
Slow down, but keep moving, until you are past the school

Q:8-For what reasons should you perform checks on your car before beginning a long-distance journey on the motorway?
Mark one answer:

Using maximum pressure on the brakes may be required
Travelling at consistently high speeds can raise the probability of a breakdown
Service stations on motorways cannot assist you in the event of a breakdown
The road surfaces on motorways can cause the tyres to wear down more quickly

Q:9-You are driving in conditions that are windier than usual. In this situation, use extra caution when:
Mark one answer:

Making a right turn into a narrower-than-usual road
Overtaking cyclists
Applying your brakes
Beginning a hill start manoeuvre

Q:10-Which of the following factors can lower the cost of car insurance?
Mark one answer:

Taking the Pass Plus scheme
Being under the age of 25
Not having to wear glasses
Passing your driving test on the first attempt

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