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Practice Theory Test 25

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Q:1-There is an accident and somebody is unconscious. What is your main priority?
Mark one answer:

Check the airways and breathing of the individual. Once you've done this, stop any heavy bleeding using the cleanest material you can find.
Simply drive past, the police and emergency services will deal with it. It's not your problem.
Take the names and other details of everybody that is involved with the incident.
Clean up any debris from the area so that tyres aren't slashed.

Q:2-What is the left hand lane used for on the motorway?
Mark one answer:

Only for breakdowns
Regular driving
Overtaking the traffic from the middle lane
Vehicles who want to drive more safely

Q:3-You are not allowed to reverse in which condition?
Mark one answer:

You will be reversing for more than 10 seconds
For longer than you actually need to
You are moving into a side road
You are in a built up area with moving vehicles

Q:4-You will be able to drive on a footpath in which condition?
Mark one answer:

You are approaching a property
Nobody is currently using the footpath
There is a dip at the edge of the kerb
You really need to overtake a car

Q:5-You have just joined a dual carriageway. What is the first thing that you should normally do:
Mark one answer:

Adjust your internal rear view mirror
Attempt to overtake
Move into the middle lane
Stay in the left hand lane

Q:6-What is an indication that there is a fault with an anti-lock braking system?
Mark one answer:

The gearbox will malfunction
An alarm will sound every 10 seconds
There will be a warning light on the dashboard
You won't be able to brake at all

Q:7-What vehicle requires extra room when you overtake it?
Mark one answer:


Q:8-At traffic lights, if you are waiting behind a cyclist, what should you do when the light turns green?
Mark one answer:

Move before the cyclist has a chance to move
Drive as close to the cyclist as you can
Give the cyclist plenty of time to move
Beep your horn to get the cyclist to move quicker at the lights

Q:9-When would you use the far-left lane (NOT the hard shoulder) on the motorway?
Mark one answer:

Regular driving
If you want to undertake someone
If you have broken down
If you want to overtake somebody

Q:10-In what circumstances are you allowed to use your hazard lights?
Mark one answer:

If you have to double park
If you have broken down
If you are being towed
If you have to park on double yellow lines

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