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Practice Theory Test 23

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Q:1-If you want to park downhill, what should you do?
Mark one answer:

Put two of the wheels on the kerb to ensure safety
Turn your steering wheel in the direction of the kerb, and make sure you turn on the handbrake
Put one wheel on the kerb to ensure safety
Park as close as you can to the car in the front

Q:2-What kind of driving can cause risk on the road?
Mark one answer:


Q:3-When you are approaching a mini roundabout, you need to:
Mark one answer:

Use hand signals to decide who should go first
Drive quicker
Give way to coming traffic on your left
Give way to coming traffic on your right

Q:4-You have a trailer attached to your car and you're driving on the motorway. What speed can you travel at?
Mark one answer:

60 mph
70 mph
30 mph
40 mph

Q:5-Ways to minimise fuel consumption while driving include:
Mark one answer:

Use air conditioning only when you really need it.
Close windows while driving.
If your car's roof rack is removable, take it off when it's not in use.
All of these answers are correct

Q:6-You are trying to emerge from a junction, but there are parked vehicles that are restricting your view. What can you do to improve your knowledge of what's behind you on the road?
Mark one answer:

Ask someone in your car to look for you
Check your wing mirrors
Check your mirrors and look over your shoulder
Have a look in your interior mirror

Q:7-If you have a roof rack fitted to the top of your car, it will:
Mark one answer:

Reduce your chances of crashing
Increase your speed
Make your car more efficient
Increase your fuel consumption

Q:8-When you drive on a flooded road, what do you need to do?
Mark one answer:

Make sure that your brakes are working properly
Make sure the brakes are clean and dry afterwards
Check the exhaust is working properly
Stop your car and check all of your tyres

Q:9-Whilst you are driving, you are involved in a collision. What do you need to do?
Mark one answer:

Get in touch with your car insurance company immediately
Get in touch with somebody to see if they can help you
Continue to drive
Stop at the scene of the accident

Q:10-If you are travelling down a steep hill, what can you do to control the vehicle?
Mark one answer:

Use a low gear and use the brakes in a careful manner
Drive really close to the car in front
Accelerate really quickly
Choose the highest gear and uses the brakes firmly

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