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Free security guard job interview questions to pass security guard test questions practice . For security guard test practice questions you must go through real exam. For that we provide security guard license practice test real test. We discuss in these mock test questions from different topics in security guard license test questions.

Security Guard Exam Questions and Answers

In this test you have to answer security guard courses uk . To get pass free security guard practice test you must score at least 30 answers correct from 40 questions. So Enjoy these Security Guard Questions and Answers to get enough knowledge for security guard real exam attempt. We also provide Security Test Questions and Answers.

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Practice Security Guard Test 05

what do you need to be a security guard

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Q:1-What is the main role of a security guard?
Mark one answer:

To ensure that everyone has a good
To promote the business
To ensure that customers are safe
To provide good customer service

Q:2-Which of the following is one of the main objectives of a security guard?
Mark one answer:

To show their authority
Make as many arrests as possible
Forward all calls to the police
To maintain order

Q:3-What information would you find in an admission policy?
Mark one answer:

The type of items on sale in the venue
The conditions of entry
The name of the manager
The number of staff members in the premises

Q:4-Why is it important to have an admission policy?
Mark one answer:

So customers know when they can bring their friends
To ensure compliance with the licensing laws
To ensure everyone enjoys themselves
To ensure maximum profits

Q:5-Which of the following is an example of arson?
Mark one answer:

Setting fire to a bin
Graffiti on a wall
Deliberately damaging the premises
Speeding past a red light

Q:6-Which of the following is an example of an offence under criminal law?
Mark one answer:

Not paying your bills
Selling a fake product
Violating a contract

Q:7-What is an assault resulting in bruising most likely to be classed as?
Mark one answer:

ABH (Actual bodily harm)
Verbal assault
GBH (Grievous bodily harm)
Common assault

Q:8-What is the definition of an ‘offensive weapon’?
Mark one answer:

A chef’s knife
A blade carried for religious reasons
A sharp piece of broken glass
Any object made or adapted to cause harm

Q:9-When would a folded knife NOT be considered to be an offensive weapon?
Mark one answer:

If it has been adapted to cause harm
If it has been used in a fight
If it has a blade less than 3 inches long
If it has been sharpened to a point

Q:10-You have been instructed to search a customer because they may be carrying a weapon. Which type of search policy are you using?
Mark one answer:

General search
Specific search
Random search
Deterrent search

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