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FreeSecurity Guard Questions and Answers to pass Security Guard Practice Test With Answers. For Guard Card Practice Test you must go through real exam. For that we provide Security Guard Test real test. We discuss in these mock test questions from different topics in Security Officer Test Questions.

Security Exam Questions and Answers

In this test you have to answer Interview Questions for Security Officer . To get pass Free Guard Card Training Online you must score at least 30 answers correct from 40 questions. So Enjoy these Security Guard Exam and Answers to get enough knowledge for security guard real exam attempt. We also provide SIA Security Guard Exam.

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Q:1-If there is a major gas leak what is the first action a security operative should take?
Mark one answer:

Find the source of the gas leak
Raise the alarm and evacuate the building
Contact the manager/supervisor and wait for further instructions
Switch off the mains electricity

Q:2-What does the acronym F.I.R.E mean in the context of fire safety?
Mark one answer:

Follow, Inform, Run, Evaluate
Find, Investigate, Remove, Exit
Follow, Inform, Remove, Evacuate
Find, Inform, Restrict, Extinguish

Q:3-What is the key benefit of understanding fire evacuation procedures?
Mark one answer:

It saves the firefighters time in searching for people in the building
It ensures everyone knows how to deal with a fire safely
It ensures the safety of yourself and others when evacuating
It allows the firefighters to use the correct equipment

Q:4-When should fire doors be kept closed?
Mark one answer:

At all times
At the end of the day
During a fire alarm test

Q:5-Which of the following is one of the responsibility of a fire marshal?
Mark one answer:

Ensuring fire extinguishers are in date
Making fire reports at the end of every week
Buying extinguishers for the building
Reporting health & safety hazards to the Health & Safety Executive

Q:6-Which of the following information is most important when making an emergency call reporting an injury?
Mark one answer:

How old the person who has had the injury
The whereabouts of the manager/supervisor
What type of injury the person has suffered
Whether there is a paramedic on site

Q:7-A ‘vulnerable person’ is:
Mark one answer:

A person separated from their colleagues
A person over the age of 70
A person who has just moved to the area
A person under the age of 18

Q:8-Which of the following actions can a security guard take to protect vulnerable people?
Mark one answer:

Provide them with a coat
Ask a colleague to take them home after their shift
Call the police
Call an unlicensed taxi to take them home

Q:9-With regard to terrorism, what might be an indicator of suspicious activity?
Mark one answer:

An unknown car in an office car park
A person walking past the building at the same time every day in the morning
A person asking about opening and closing times of the venue
A person trying to avoid being seen on CCTV

Q:10-Which of the following could indicate a sexual predator?
Mark one answer:

A male leaving with a very young girl in a shopping mall
A group of young boys sitting in a local park late at night making noise
A 15-year-old boy sitting with older men and women drinking alcohol
A boy and a girl walking together late at night

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