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If you wish to start work in UK security industry its really easy. Just need to pass sia course online free before start work. Door Supervisor test is a set of 40 questions asked in exam from online sia trainging. Learning licence mock test online also compulsory part of supervisor training online. You can sia training online free but you couldn't start your practical work on site until you pass sia training course online. On our website you can find plenty of exexcel online practice test. No registration free questions with revision all collected from official sia online course. edexcel online test by clicking download button at the bottom.

Our online exam test paper is help for those who wish to practice their sia exam results available online. This is very similar to real exam and works fine on all mobile and PC devices. We always recommend to practice your ds sia test online as we add latest questions from real exams every day. Sia check in online they published and introduced new set of questions which is not accessible for the public. However the sia licence check online test questions bank is still in use for sia lincese online. Same idea is behind the case study part of door supervisor test.

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Q:1-Which of the following can be a risk to a vulnerable person being ejected from the premises?
Mark one answer:

Not having money for the bus home
Feeling embarrassed after being ejected
Having unsuitable clothing for the weather conditions outside
A large number of people outside the premises

Q:2-Which of the following could indicate a sexual predator?
Mark one answer:

A group of males talking to a female
A regular male customer leaving with different intoxicated females
A person buying drinks for all females
A male talking to a female for several hours

Q:3-Which of the following is a good way to reduce conflict at the entrance?
Mark one answer:

Using more than one door supervisor
Good queue control
Searching all customers
Having two separate lines queuing up

Q:4-Why is it important to manage venue capacity?
Mark one answer:

To maximise sales
To promote the business
To comply with health & safety legislation
To ensure there are only young people on the premises

Q:5-Which of the following is a benefit of queue control?
Mark one answer:

Decreases the potential for conflict outside the venue
Allows door supervisors to show their authority
Allows the customer to have the correct entry fee
Encourages door supervisors to work at a relaxed pace

Q:6-How does effective communication assist the queuing process?
Mark one answer:

Allows customers to make friends
Gives enough time to security operatives to search everyone
Allows customers to plan their evening
Provides good customer service

Q:7-Which of the following might indicate suspicious behaviour by a customer?
Mark one answer:

Asking questions about the security arrangements
Staying in the same place all day in the premises
Parking their vehicle in the parking lot and then leaving the premises
A customer trying to make a lot of friends

Q:8-What does a ‘critical’ terrorist threat level indicate?
Mark one answer:

An attack is possible, but not likely
An attack is expected imminently
An attack is highly likely
An attack is a strong possibility

Q:9-Which of the following is an effective deterrent to terrorist activity?
Mark one answer:

Searching outside the premises the same time each day
Searching outside the premises at different times each day
Searching inside and outside the premises the same time each day
Searching inside and outside the premises at different times each day

Q:10-In the event of a possible bomb threat what is the first action a security operative should take?
Mark one answer:

Search for the bomb
Raise the alarm and evacuate
Contact the police
Remain calm

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