Door Supervisor Mock Test 02

FreeSIA Mock Test Conflict Management to pass SIA Mock Test Questions for work Security Industry Authority Exam Answers. For SIA DS card test you must go through real exam. For that we provide SIA Physical Intervention Mock Test real test. We discuss in these mock test questions from different topics like Door Supervision Mock Test, SIA Door Supervisor Exam Questions 2017.

Door Supervisor Mock Test 2017

In this test you have to answer SIA Door Supervisor Exam Questions. To get pass sia batch card test you must score at least 30 answers correct from 40 questions. So Enjoy these Mock Door Supervisor Exam to get enough knowledge for door supervisor real exam attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it.

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Practice Door Supervisor Test 02

Take this Physical Intervention SIA Mock Test door supervisor course exam papers.

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Q:1-A door supervisor deciding to search a person because they are a known drug dealer is an example of a:
Mark one answer:

Occasional search
Random search
Specific search
General search

Q:2-An offensive weapon is any object that:
Mark one answer:

Can only be used at close range
Is used, made or adapted to cause injury
Is used to kill large numbers of people
Can only be used after special training

Q:3-Having an admission policy is important to ensure that:
Mark one answer:

The approach taken on the door is always the same
The premises project an air of quality and exclusivity
Regular customers are always admitted to the premises
Known prostitutes entering the premises are indentified

Q:4-What is the main hazard that door supervisors will face when carring out customer searches?
Mark one answer:

Customers may be concealing sharp object
Searching slow down admission procedures and causes unrest in the queue
Searching may put customers off coming to a premises and reduce profits
Customers may refuse to be searched

Q:5-What should a door supervisors do if, when searching, they find illegal drugs in a customer's possession?
Mark one answer:

Confiscate the drugs and record in writing how, when and where they were found
Destroy the drugs immediately and call the police to report the incident
The door supervisor should put the drugs in their pocket and hand them to the management as soon as possible
Keep the drugs in a safe place and return them to the costumer when they leave the premises

Q:6-Which of these is an indicatable offence on licensed premises?
Mark one answer:

Possession of GHB
Being drunk

Q:7-The arrest of a person by a door supervisor is a serious matter because:
Mark one answer:

It is an offence for them to do this
It takes away that person's freedom
It takes the job away from the police
It is the designatedpremises supervisor's reasponsibility

Q:8-When making an arrest, what must a door supervisor do?
Mark one answer:

Call the police to assist with the arrest
Ensure that the person they are arresting is not drunk
tell the person they are arresting the reason for the arrest
Explain to other customerswhy the arrest is necessary

Q:9-Following the arrest of a person in licensed premises , a door supervisor must:
Mark one answer:

Get the signed statement from the preson arrested
Interview all witnesses to the offence
Ask to take leave from their work until the court hearing
Explain to the police why they arrested the person

Q:10-Which of these can be a sign that a person has misused controlled grugs?
Mark one answer:

Calm emotions
Rational thinking
Clear speech
Non stop dancing

Door Supervisor Mock Test 2017 Door Supervision Mock Test