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Free Conflict Management Quiz to pass Conflict Management for the Private Security Industry. For SIA conflict management test questions you must go through real exam. For that we provide conflict management revision real test. We discuss in these conflict management for the private security industry mock test from different topics like Conflict Management, Laws, Health & Safety, Emergency Procedures of working with Conflict Management Mock Test (SIA).

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In this test you have to answer conflict management test questions. To get pass sia batch card test you must score at least 30 answers correct from 40 questions. So Enjoy these Conflict Management SIA Test to get enough knowledge for door supervisor real exam attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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Practice Conflict Management Test 02

sia conflict management revision conflict management questions

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Q:1-Which of these would not be a good way to de-escalate a potential conflict situation?
Mark one answer:

Showing empathy
using humour or sarcasm
listening actively
adopting positive body language

Q:2-What is one of the main reason for reviewing incidents of work related voilence?
Mark one answer:

to assess whether management instructions were followed when dealing with the incident
to ensure that the company complies with health and safety legislation
to gather evidence required to prosecute everyone involved in the incident
to improve the way that similar situation are handled in the future

Q:3-A common trigger of aggression is when a person:
Mark one answer:

is made to feel welcome
is surprised
feels understood
loses face

Q:4-Which of these is a non verbal way of signalling non aggression?
Mark one answer:

gesturing with open palms
standing square on to the other person
avoiding all eye contact
only paying partial attention to the other person

Q:5-What is the most important reason for victims of workplace violence to have access to help and support following an incident?
Mark one answer:

receiving formal support will stop the person discussing the incident with colleagues
employers who provide formal support are less likely to be prosecuted
they may be traumatised and suffering from complex emotional reactions
giving support to victims of workpace violence is a requirement of health and safety legislation

Q:6-What is the best definition of a win-win approach to a conflict situation?
Mark one answer:

Explaining company procedures to the unhappy person so that they understand why you cannot help them
A solution which allows both parties involved in the situation to come away feeling satisfied with the outcome
Actively listening to the other person and making them feel that you understand their issues
Getting a colleague involoved in the situation to see if they can find a resolution to the problem

Q:7-What is the final stage in the ascalation of a conflict situation?
Mark one answer:


Q:8-Which of these would generally be considered to indicate aggression?
Mark one answer:

Using a calm tone of voice
Keeping a comfortable distance
Standing with hands open and clearly visible
Making excessive eye contact

Q:9-Which of these would be considered in appropriate when confrongting unacceptable behaviour?
Mark one answer:

Showing empathy to show you understand to other person
Stating the consequences of the behaviour continuing
Being assertive
Being threatening

Q:10-Which of these would be the best way to communicate in a conflict situation?
Mark one answer:

Shout as load as required to ensure that everyone can hear you
stare at anyone who disagrees with you to assert your authority
Adopt passive behaviour as this will calm other people down
Speak clearly and in a controlled way aqnd only state the facts

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