C.C.T.V Licenece

If you wish to start work in UK Security Jobs for CCTV. Just need to pass SIA (Security Industry Authority) sia cctv course test before start work. CCTV SIA Licence is a set of 50 questions asked in exam from different categories. SIA CCTV Licence exam questions test exam. You cannot start work in security until you have security badge issued by SIA. On our website you can find plenty of door supervisor and free cctv training test questions. No registration free questions with revision all collected from official sia kit. cctv questions and answers by clicking download button at the bottom.

Our cctv mock test is help for those who wish to practice their mock tests offline. This is very similar to real exam and works fine on all mobile and PC devices. We always recommend to practice your sia mock test cctv as we add latest questions from real exams every day.

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Practice CCTV Test 4

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Q:1-What does CCTV stand for?
Mark one answer:

Computer Circuit TV
Computer Closed Television
Closed Circuit Television
Circuit Closed Television

Q:2-Which of the following describes one of the main roles of a CCTV operator?
Mark one answer:

Customer support
Collecting data on shopping habits
To plan patrolling routes for security operatives
Incident reporting

Q:3-Which of the following is the incorrect way of handling confidential data when working with CCTV?
Mark one answer:

Information is available to the police upon their request
Information is available for only those who are authorised to have access
Information is available if a written request is made
Information is kept securely

Q:4-Extra care should be taken by CCTV Operators when working with CCTV. This is to ensure that:
Mark one answer:

They are only recording suspicious activity
They are complying with the Data Protection Act (1998)
They are only recording individuals that have granted permission
They are not sleeping whilst on duty

Q:5-Which of the following incidents would a CCTV Operator be able to assist with?
Mark one answer:

Personal computer fraud
Monitoring staff break times
An insurance fraud
Recording anti-social behaviour

Q:6-Which of the following is an example of a non-crime incident?
Mark one answer:

Theft from a supermarket
Breaking and entering a shop
Domestic violence
Health and safety issues

Q:7-Which of the following locations is most likely to be a crime hot spot?
Mark one answer:

A busy high street
A school library
A quiet car park late at night
A hospital

Q:8-What does IED stand for?
Mark one answer:

Improvised Explosive Device
Improved Expensive Device
Incident Explosion Deterrent
Important Explosive Device

Q:9-Which of the following is most likely to indicate a suspected IED?
Mark one answer:

A small parcel with what appears to be a few books inside
A visitor with authorised ID
A private delivery van
A vehicle being driven erratically

Q:10-What information does the CCTV Code of Practice provide?
Mark one answer:

Information on staff shift patterns
Guidance on the appropriate and effective use of surveillance camera systems
Evacuation procedures and fire assembly points
Information on how to use the CCTV system

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