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Practice CCTV Test 3

cctv interview questions and answers sia mock test 2017

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Q:1-Why is it important for CCTV operators to share information with other agencies?
Mark one answer:

To reduce the need for external agencies to undertake their own investigation
To promote a spirit of teamwork which increases the effectiveness of the system
To ensure that should anything go wrong that the blame can be shared with others
To prove to external agencies that CCTV companies provided a useful service

Q:2-What is possible consequence of falling to prove continuity of evidence?
Mark one answer:

The evidence would not be admissible in court
The CCTV company would face prosecution by the police
The CCTV operator would have to re record the evidence
The SIA would take the operator's licence away

Q:3-If a CCTV operatoris required to give evidence in court they have a responsiblity to:
Mark one answer:

Send the most experienced member of the team to attend court in their place
Discuss their statement with the person on trial to ensure that the evidence is clear
Ensure that their statement has been checked and signed off by the controlroom manager
Be available to speak to the prosecution before the case comes to court

Q:4-The main reason why it is essential to keep accurate records is that:
Mark one answer:

Accurate logs can be used to prove that the CCTV system is being used efficiently
Logs support recorded images and prove an audit trail to support the continuity evidence
Anyone who need to write a statement will need to refer to the logs to help them recall the events
Images that are not supported by written records can only be stored for alimited period

Q:5-What type of monitor allows a CCTV operator to view a specific area in detail?
Mark one answer:

a emergency monitor
An incident monitor
A dedicated monitor
A spot monitor

Q:6-Which of these best describes a PTZ CCTV camera/
Mark one answer:

A fixed camera with a wide angle lens
A camera with night vision capability
A mobile camera which is positioned in high crime areas
A camera with remote directional and zoom control

Q:7-APNR is technology that:
Mark one answer:

assist in the surveillance of known individuals by using facial recognition
Helps to track vehicle movement across an area in real time
Allows CCTV operators to view images from more than one camera at a time
Uses finger print recognition to identify particular individuals

Q:8-What is one of the main benefits of having dedicated communication links between CCTV control rooms and third parties?
Mark one answer:

Sharing dedicated communication links enables procedures to be standardised across all parties
Using a secure link protects the confidentiality of information that is transfered
To ensures that the third party can easily identify which CCTV operators are on duty
It allows CCTV teams to keep up to date with development over the police radio network

Q:9-Which of these is not an incident that a CCTV operators is likely to assist with?
Mark one answer:

Criminal damage
Theft of a vehicle
Domestic violence
Road traffic incident

Q:10-Which of these is most likely to be a crime hotspot for anti-social behaviour?
Mark one answer:

The area close to a busy club on a friday or saturday night
The area of an industrial warehouse during working hours
a pub popular with office workers on a weekend lunch time
A pedestrian shopping complex during the day

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