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SATs Papers KS2 2016

KS2 Maths SATs 2016 Math Tests KS2 Sample Maths 2016 KS2 Math Questions

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Key Stage 2 Maths SATs free download

The KS2 Maths SATs papers are significantly different from previous years.
Children will now take three separate KS2 Maths tests:

  • Paper 1 (Arithmetic) : 40 marks, 30 minutes.
  • Paper 2 (Reasoning) : 35 marks, 40 minutes.
  • Paper 3 (Reasoning) : 35 marks, 40 minutes.

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    Paper 1, now known as the "Arithmetic" paper, contains 40 marks worth of calculation-based questions. For this paper it's essential that your child is comfortable with the following topics:

  • Fractions (including mixed numbers).
  • Decimals (including converting fractions into decimals).
  • Percentages (and how they relate to fractions).
  • Square numbers.
  • Rounding.
  • Applying Addition, subtraction, multiplication (long and short) and division (long and short) to ALL of the above. This includes how to apply these operations in order when required (i.e. BODMAS).

  • KS2 Maths Paper 2 and Paper 3 are now known as the "Reasoning" papers and each contain 35 marks worth of more problem-solving based Maths. Children will need to apply their KS2 Maths skills (as used in Paper 1) to a variety of topics including:

  • Geometry (including coordinates, rotation, reflection, symmetry etc).
  • Ratios (and how to interpret them from fractions, percentages etc).
  • Charts and tables.
  • Units and measures (including time, temperature, money, weight, volume etc).
  • Shapes and their properties (including triangles, hexagons and their angles).
  • Roman numerals.
  • Mean, median and mode.
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