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SATs Papers KS2 2016

KS2 English SATs 2016 KS2 English SATs 2016 KS2 Sample English Reading 2016 KS2 Sample English Past Papers

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Key Stage 2 English Reading SATs free download

Although strictly speaking the 2016 KS2 English Reading SATs paper is a new test (that's required a full sample to be produced), it's firmly based on those of the previous national curriculum.
Children will take one KS2 English Reading test:

  • KS2 English Reading : 50 marks, 60 minutes.

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    The 2016 KS2 English Reading Test is presented in two booklets. One booklet is the Reading Booklet that contains three separate and unrelated reading texts. The second booklet contains the questions of all three texts. The questions in the Reading Answer Booklet are ordered in the same sequence as the texts in the Reading Answer Booklet.

    As with previous years, the questions will broadly assess a child's ability to fully understand the structure, meaning and purpose of a passage of text. The questions will test a variety of reading comprehension skills including:

  • Fact retrieval e.g. "Name the four types of building detailed within the piece."
  • Structure or presentation e.g. "Why do you think the author choose to present a table alongside the text?"
  • Inference e.g. "Why do you think the author has used the word "frozen" to describe the character?"
  • Open-ended questions e.g. "Explain how and why the author has chosen to end the story. Use two examples from the text."

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