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On this page you will find professional skills test practice for UK Teachers test. This Numeracy mock test practice online is completely free with no charge at all to know about pass mark for skills test 2017. You will be given 28 questions in your qts test mock exam. Our professional skills test numeracy is similar with the original qts test. You can also find professional skills test numeracy practice often asked in previous exams for how to pass numeracy skills test 2017. When you take a mock qts test keep in mind once answers submitted there is no way back.

In mock qts test you must achieve 63% marks which are 18 from 28 questions. These questions are for Math test mock qts but will also helpful for general teacher qualified mock test. When you visits qts theory mock tests you will see many multiple choice questions each with a set of 10 test questions mock.

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Lets begin the quiz .. Good luck!

Q:1-A science class of 30 pupils was given two tests. Test 1 was given at the start of the term and Test 2 at the end of the term. As part of a review of pupil progress, a teacher prepared this bar chart showing pupil achievement in the two tests.
Tick True Statements

qts numeracy test
Mark one answer:

A:- The number of pupils achieving 81+ marks increased by 50% from Test 1 to Test 2.
B:- More than 80% of pupils achieved more than 40 marks in Test 2.
C:- 1/3 of pupils achieved fewer than 41 marks in Test 1.
D:- both B & C

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Q:2In order to predict pupils' achievement in a GCSE subject, a teacher produced the following table.
The table shows the marks achieved by 3 pupils in coursework and in a practice examination. Using the previous year's results, the teacher set a minimum final percentage mark of 55 for a predicted grade C.
Which pupil is predicted to achieve a grade C?

qts numeracy skills test
Mark one answer:

Pupil X
Pupil Y
Pupil Z

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Q:3-A teacher looked at past achievements in end of Key Stage 2 assessment for the period 2009 - 2011 in order to predict GCSE achievements for a group of pupils.
Tick true statements:

qts numeracy skills test
Mark one answer:

A:- In 2009 the teacher assessment result for each subject was above the corresponding test/task result.
B:- In 2010 the teacher assessment result was closer to the test/task result in English than it was in science.
C:- Taking into account both teacher assessments and test/task assessments, the trend in both English and mathematics indicates improved performance.
D:- both B & C

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Q:4-A teacher presented the following box-and-whisker diagram as part of a staff discussion on pupils' performance. The diagram shows the percentage test marks in mathematics for a revision test for two class groups.
Tick true statements:

qts numeracy skills test practice
Mark one answer:

A:- The range of percentage marks was greatest in Class A.
B:- The median percentage mark in Class A was 15 percentage points less than the median percentage in Class B.
C:- The interquartile range was the same in both classes.
D:- both A & C

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Q:5- A teacher produced the following table to show the marks achieved in an end of year geography test by pupils in three Year 7 classes.
Tick true statements:

qts numeracy skills test math
Mark one answer:

A:- Some pupils in Class A achieved less than 12%.
B:- At least one pupil in Class C achieved less than 20%.
C:- All pupils in Class B achieved at least 40%.
D:- both B & C

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Q:6-At a staff meeting, the head teacher presented the following table, showing the number of pupils in each class in a school who are having extra music lessons.
What percentage of pupils in the school are having extra music lessons?
Give your answer to the nearest whole number.

qts math numeracy skills
Mark one answer:


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Q:7-To inform her choice of reading materials, a primary teacher looked at the spread of reading ages in her class. The scatter graph shows the actual age and reading age of 21 pupils in the class.
What is the range of reading ages for the pupils in the class?

qts math questions
Mark one answer:

13 months
19 months
21 months

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Q:8-To inform her choice of reading materials, a primary teacher looked at the spread of reading ages in her class. The scatter graph shows the actual age and reading age of 21 pupils in the class.
What proportion of the class have the same reading age as their actual age?
Give your answer as a decimal to one decimal place.

Practice QTS Numeracy Test
Mark one answer:


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Q:9-In a year group of 110 pupils, 66 pupils have school dinners.
What proportion of the year group do not have school dinners?
Give your answer as a decimal.

Mark one answer:


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Q:10-In a year group of 120 pupils, 75% achieved a Level 4 or Level 5 in Key Stage 2 English. 65 pupils achieved a Level 4.
How many pupils achieved a Level 5?

Mark one answer:


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