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Free pmi pmp training to pass pmp video training. For pmp question bank pdf 2017 you must go through real exam. For that we provide pmp exam preparation course 2017 real test. We discuss in these pmp quiz from different topics like difficult pmp exam questions, pmp certification exam questions 2017.

pmp exam questions pdf

In this test you have to answer pmp questions and answers pdf. To get pass pmp numerical questions you must answers correct. So Enjoy these pmp prep exam to get enough knowledge for pmp prep course online attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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Q:1-What percentage of Project Manager's time is spent on communicating?
Mark one answer:


Q:2-You are the Project Manager for XYZ project. The scope of the project has been completed. You receive a request for a new module to be developed as part of this project. What should you do next?
Mark one answer:

You should approach the Project sponsor and ask her for a new module to be developed as part of this project.
You should approach the Senior Management and ask them for a new module to be developed as part of this project.
You should send the request to Change Control Board for approval.
Since the project scope is completed you should inform the customer that this change cannot be done as part of the project.

Q:3-Perform Quality Assurance process is part of which phase?
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Q:4-You are managing the project of planning a party for your company employees. There is a risk that the employees will not come to the party. You decide to not take any action against this as the likely-hood of this is low. Which risk response strategy are you following?
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Q:5-The process of Conduct Procurements is part of which phase?
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Q:6-You are the Project Manager of ABC project. There was a conflict between two key project members. The three of you meet and decide to use compromise as the conflict resolution technique. Compromise generally leads to
Mark one answer:

Win-win situation
Win-Lose situation
Lose-Lose situation
None of these

Q:7-The Procurement statements of work is an output of which of these processes?
Mark one answer:

Plan Procurements
Conduct Procurements
Control Procurements
Close Procurements

Q:8-Which of these is a tool for Develop Project Charter process?
Mark one answer:

Project selection methods
Project management methodology
Expert Judgment
Earned Value Technique

Q:9-Which of the following best describes the purpose of a war room?
Mark one answer:

A war room is used for meetings between the Project Manager and the customer.
A war room is used for important meetings between the Project team and the senior management.
A war room is used for collocation
Whenever there is a resource conflict between different Project Managers, they meet in a war room.

Q:10-You are the Project Manager of a project involving building a computer. Your team members follow what you tell them because you have the authority to provide negative feedback in their performance appraisal. This is an example of which type of power?
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