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Free best pmp exam questions to pass pmp test prep questions. For free pmp questions and answers 2017 you must go through real exam. For that we provide pmp practise questions 2017 real test. We discuss in these sample of pmp exam from different topics like pmp question bank with answers, pmp mock exam free 2017.

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In this test you have to answer pmp sample exam questions. To get pass pmp exam pattern you must answers correct. So Enjoy these pmp free practice exams to get enough knowledge for pmp exam answers attempt. You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Easy Na!

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Q:1-You are planning to use PERT for planning of your project. A task has pessimistic estimate of 24 days, most likely estimate of 15 days and optimistic estimate of 12 days. What is the mean using the PERT technique?
Mark one answer:

18 days
25.5 days
15 days
16 days

Q:2-Which of these is a process in the Project Procurement Management knowledge area?
Mark one answer:

Select Sellers
Control Procurements
Control Contracts
Plan Purchases and Acquisitions

Q:3-Oligopoly refers to which of these
Mark one answer:

There is only one qualified seller in the market.
There are no sellers in the market, so you have to build the product in-house.
There are few sellers and action of one seller will have impact on other sellers prizes.
Your company prefers to contract with only one seller.

Q:4-You are using straight line depreciation to compute the value of your computer after three years. If the current cost is $1000, what will be the value after three years assuming that the computer's life is five years.
Mark one answer:


Q:5-Which of the following is not true about analogous estimating.
Mark one answer:

Estimate is based on past projects.
It is not very accurate.
It uses bottom-up approach
It is a form of an expert judgment

Q:6-You have been asked to make an estimate for a project. The project involves manufacturing 1000 toys. You expect that as the team manufactures some toys, the time to make them will reduce. Which estimation technique are you trying to use?
Mark one answer:

Analogous Estimation
Regression Analysis
Bottom up Estimating
Learning Curve

Q:7-John is an excellent engineer. The management assumes that since he is a good technical performer, he will be a good project manager too. Based upon this, John was promoted to Project Manager. This is an example of
Mark one answer:

Halo Effect
Expectancy Theory
McGregory Theory of X and Y
Herzberg Theory

Q:8-Which of these is an example of processes in the closing process group?
Mark one answer:

Project Closure
Scope Closure
Close Project or phase
Scope Validation

Q:9-The authority to approve or deny change request lies with
Mark one answer:

Project Manager
Project Sponsor
Configuration Control Board

Q:10-You are the Project Manager of the XYZ project. You want to find the planned expenses for next month. Which document do you need to refer to?
Mark one answer:

Cost Management Plan
Cost Baseline
Cost Control Plan
Cost Variance report

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