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PMP Practice Exam 7th Edition

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Q:1-Which of the following is tru about the Project Management Plan?
Mark one answer:

Project Management Plan identifies and authorizes the Project Manager.
Project Management Plan is a detailed project schedule defining tasks, their dependencies as well as primary milestones of the project.
Project Management Plan is a formal document that defines how the project is to be managed.
Project Management Plan is prepared as part of the Direct and Manage Project Work process.

Q:2-George is the Project Manager of a project responsible for manufacturing shirts for a large order. During which process the shirts will get manufactured?
Mark one answer:

Develop Project Management Plan
Direct and Manage Project Work
Monitor and Control Project Work
Create WBS

Q:3-Perform Integrated Change Control process is part of which process group?
Mark one answer:

Monitoring and Control.

Q:4-Greg is a Project Manager of a construction project. The customer has requested that an additional room needs to be constructed at an extra cost? How should Greg respond to this request
Mark one answer:

Document the request and present it to Change Control Board.
Refuse the request as this was not part of the original scope.
Accept the request as the customer is willing to pay for it.
Consult the project sponsor.

Q:5-Michael is the Project Manager of a software project being developed for a large customer. A senior management executive of Michaels organization suggests Michael that adding a new feature will be a good addition to his project. What is the best course of action for Michael?
Mark one answer:

Document the request and present it to change control board.
Refuse the request as this was not part of the original scope.
Accept the request as it is being suggested by a senior member of the organization.
Consult the project sponsor.

Q:6-Doug is a Project Manager for a project to build a bridge. During his review of the progress, Doug finds out that the project is likely to be completed in six months before schedule. Which is the most suitable thing for Doug to do next?
Mark one answer:

Organize a party for the project team to ensure employee motivation remains high.
Raise a change request to reduce staff.
Doug does not need to do anything.
Doug needs to use the additional six months to make sure the bridge exceeds thq quality goals.

Q:7-Which of these is not done during the Close Project process?
Mark one answer:

Creation of deliverables of the project.
The handing over of deliverables to the receiving party.
Documenting the project learnings.
Release of project resources.

Q:8-Mary is taking over an ongoiung project as a Project Manager. The earlier project manager is no more with the organization. Mary wants to understand why the project should be executed, the high level project requirements and budget of the project. Which document should Mary refer to?
Mark one answer:

Project Management Plan.
Project Statement of work.
Business case.
Project charter.

Q:9-The stakeholder analysis matrix is part of ...?
Mark one answer:

Part of the Stakeholder Management Strategy - an output of identify stakeholders
An output of Plan Communications
Part of the stakeholder register
Part of Performance Reporting

Q:10-Which relationship model is most commonly used in the Precedence diagrams?
Mark one answer:


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