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Practice Motorcycle Theory Test 04

Practice Motorbike theory test cbt test questions

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Q:1-What is the use of the 'two second rule' when riding in good, dry conditions?
Mark one answer:

It allows you two seconds before looking in a mirror and manoeuvring
So you can judge your speed accurately
When emerging onto roads that may be wet
To keep a good distance from the vehicle in front

Q:2-You have noticed that other motorcyclists look over their right shoulder before they turn in that direction. Why are they doing this?
Mark one answer:

They are trying to improve their balance
They don't have any mirrors on
They are checking their blind spot before manoeuvring
They are listening for clues from the traffic

Q:3-What should you do if your mobile phone rings while you're riding your motorcycle?
Mark one answer:

Answer it straight away
Wait until you are in a suitable place to stop
Stop immediately before the caller rings off
Pull up at the nearest kerb

Q:4-A following vehicle is very close to you as you ride in slow moving traffic. What should your course of action be?
Mark one answer:

Indicate left, and wave the vehicle past
Carry on riding as you were before
Speed up to get away from it
Slow down

Q:5-Which vehicle is most stable in crosswinds?
Mark one answer:

A motorcycle
A car
A lorry
A bicycle

Q:6-You are carrying luggage on a luggage rack. What does the law say it must be?
Mark one answer:

Visible to other road users
Securely fastened at all times
Covered with a protective sheet
Carried only when it is absolutely necessary

Q:7-You are at the scene of an accident, and see that somebody is bleeding from the arm. Nothing is embedded in the arm, so what should you do to help?
Mark one answer:

Give them a warm drink
Apply pressure to the wound and ask them to elevate the arm
Dab the wound until it stops bleeding
Put pressure on, but ensure the arm is kept by the side

Q:8-What is the standard braking distance, when you are riding at 50 miles per hour on a good road surface in good conditions?
Mark one answer:

24 metres
38 metres
14 metres
55 metres

Q:9-You see a series of horizontal yellow lines painted across the road. What are they there for?
Mark one answer:

To tell you that a roundabout is ahead
To make you aware of your speed
To help you move into the correct lane
So that you can measure your distance to other vehicles

Q:10-Before riding your motorbike in snowy conditions, what should you do?
Mark one answer:

Think if you really need to make the journey or not
Find a new route that avoids towns
Warm up thoroughly with a hot drink
Tell your pillion passenger they can't come with you

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