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If you wish to pass motorcycle theory practice its really easy. Just need to pass motorbike theory test before practical test. Motorcycle test is a set of 50 questions asked in exam from different roads & vehicles categories. Case study questions also compulsory part of motorbike test exam. You can start practicing but you couldn't start your practical test until you pass motorcycle theory test uk. On our website you can find plenty of motorbike test questions. No registration free questions with revision all collected from official dvsa. motorcycle theory test questions by clicking download button at the bottom.

Our motorcycle theory test questions and answers is help for those who wish to practice their mock tests offline. This is very similar to real exam and works fine on all mobile and PC devices. We always recommend to practice your motorbike theory test practice online as we add latest questions from real exams every day. Motorbike theory test practice 2017 stopped the old exam kits they published and introduced new set of questions which is not accessible for the public. However the motorbike theory test practice questions bank is still in use for motorbike theory test questions and answers. Same idea is behind the case study part of motorbike theory test questions free.

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Practice Motorcycle Theory Test 03

Take this motorbike theory test practice 2017 to get pass in first attempt in real exam. As we provide similar questions.

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Q:1-You are riding in very cold weather. The road around you looks wet, and you can't hear any noise from the road. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Move into a lower gear
Slow down and ride in a high gear
There is no problem, continue riding as normal
Keep revving the engine so that you can hear it

Q:2-As a motorcycle rider what can you do to improve your safety on the road?
Mark one answer:

Learn to ride faster
Ride in the middle of the road at all times
Keep to the left, near to the kerb
Anticipate what other road users are likely to do

Q:3-You are forced to brake hard as a driver pulls out of a side road in front of you. What should you do.
Mark one answer:

Stay calm and ride normally
Accelerate past and flash your lights
Overtake at the first opportunity
Sound your horn repeatedly

Q:4-You are on a three lane motorway with no traffic ahead of you. Your speed is 70 miles per hour. Which lane should you be travelling in?
Mark one answer:

The right hand lane
The hard shoulder
The left hand lane
The middle hand

Q:5-Why should you allow some extra space when overtaking another motorcyclist in windy conditions?
Mark one answer:

They may turn without warning in a bid to escape the wind
They may be going faster than usual with the wind behind them
They could suddenly be blown into your path
They may stop without indicating

Q:6-Temporary traffic lights are showing red, but there is no other traffic to be seen. What should you do?
Mark one answer:

Speed up
Stop until the lights change
Proceed if you think it is safe
If nobody can see you, carry on forward

Q:7-Freezing conditions can drastically affect your stopping distance. By how much can this be increased when compared to good conditions?
Mark one answer:

Two times
Five times
Ten times
None of the above

Q:8-Why should you always use your mirrors if you spot a hazard in the road ahead of you?
Mark one answer:

So that you can see what is happening in front of you
So you can assess how your actions will affect vehicles behind you
Because you are about to accelerate
Because you will need to brake hard

Q:9-What should you do when you are riding towards an unmarked crossroads
Mark one answer:

Keep right, and slow down
Keep near to the gutter, and slow right down
Slow down and look both ways
Accelerate and keep in the middle of the road

Q:10-You notice that the steering on your motorbike feels wobbly, but what could be causing it?
Mark one answer:

A broken or worn clutch cable
Worn or damaged brakes
Worn steering bearings
Under-inflated tyres

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